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Word Count: 72579

Character Identities: Bisexual, Gay, Non Binary


A Dark Steamy Superhero Yaoi Romance


❤️former super-powered hotties returning to action!


❤️ second chance at love for a Hero and a Villain 


❤️ amazing secondary cast with their own love stories



BOOK 7 - Series Finale - COMING IN APRIL 2021!

Several years past 50, Matt thought that his days as a Villain in the staged Chosen fights were long over.

But then his powers returned in the wake of a devastating attack that took the powers of all the active Chosen, perpetrated by a young Hero.

With no other choice, Matt goes to the one man who might understand what is happening to him - Colton. The man who was Matt's main rival back in the days of his fighting career. A man Matt hasn't seen since the day he burned out and walked away from the fights.

That would be complicated enough. But back then, they were also secret lovers. Matt walked away from that as well without a goodbye.

Now after nearly twenty five years, these two men are coming face to face for the first time. Can they handle their personal issues while trying to save the world from a Hero gone bad?

Trigger warnings for dub/noncon, super tragic backstories, explicit on page sex, angsty gay dudes, and cliffhangers.

Back Issues - Dani Hermt & Curtis Star - Burn Outs
Back Issues

Dani Hermit ...

Pairing: M-M

March 6, 2020

Word Count: Information not available

Character Identities: Gay

Summary: Information not available

Book Cover: Beg

Christine Wright ...

Pairing: M-M

Word Count: 16670

Character Identities: Gay

Summary: Can a ghostly hound tell the difference between love and fear? Will man's best friend save the day? Garrick and Tristan thought they were done with hauntings when they rid themselves of the evil ghost of Gabriel Blackthorne. But it seems that their connection to the supernatural runs deeper when howls in the night and glimpses of glowing red eyes gradually manifest into sightings of a mysterious black dog. The ghostly hound seems to be protecting Tristan, but from what? A group of friends visiting for the weekend provide a welcome distraction, but one of them would like to be more than friends with Garrick. Frankie sees Tristan as nothing more than a temporary inconvenience and does everything in his power to tempt Garrick away. Rejected by Garrick, Frankie goes to extreme lengths to get his attention, using Tristan as his pawn in a very disturbing game. How do you demonstrate the difference between love and fear when bondage and submission are parts of the equation? Will the Black Dog fulfil its role as protector or will Tristan pay the ultimate price for love? Reader Advisory: This book contains an established MM D/s relationship, with plenty of hot kinkiness. Outside of this dynamic, the story also features non-consensual kidnap and physical violence.

Black Dog - L.M. Somerton
Black Dog

L M Somerton ...

Pairing: M-M

January 14, 2013

Word Count: Information not available

Character Identities: Gay

Summary: Daryl Greer isn’t a bodyguard. He’s Hercules Security’s “odd-job” specialist, as wild and dangerous as he is competent. Fiercely independent, he resents his older brother Matthew’s view that he spends his life “playing G.I. Joe”. When he’s sent to rescue a kidnapped scientist, Dr. Emerson Winfield, from a terrorist organization, Daryl finds himself attracted to the snarky, outspoken man even though Emerson is the kind of rich, successful person Matthew claims could never be interested in a hick like Daryl. For his part, Emerson doesn’t care about Daryl’s lack of polish; he’s more interested in the incredible chemistry between them. He sets out to prove to Daryl that they can make a relationship work despite their differences. But Daryl’s defensiveness about his career drives a wedge between them -- and if he doesn’t find a way to deal with his issues, Daryl might lose Emerson forever.

Bloody But Unbowed - Ari McKay - Herc's Mercs
Bloody but Unbowed

Ari McKay ...

Pairing: M-M

November 18, 2016

Word Count: 16500

Character Identities: Bisexual, Gay

Summary: When he agreed to take the fall for his pack leader's failed attempts to help the Rebellion, Jace knew he wouldn't live long enough to regret it. However, instead of the noble end he envisioned for himself, the werewolf finds himself at the mercy of a witch and his depraved games. Though he clings to his conviction that he can withstand anything his new master can dish out, it isn't long before he realizes pride has no place in his life as the pet of the controlling Elias Ivers. ### Now that supernatural beings have seized control of the world, life has become a struggle for the humans who once held power. Witches, vampires, and werewolves determine the fate of every single human, but their moral compasses have long since been shattered. Rebels, free humans, and slaves all share dreams of hope, mercy, love, and more. But with their fate so uncertain, survival isn't enough... and they may have to sacrifice what is nearest and dearest to them if they want to change their lives. Bought, Ravel, and Recoil feature different characters whose lives begin to come together in Owned and Temper. 1. Bought: Jace & Elias. [Revised 01/2017] 2. Ravel: Ashton & Reese. [Revised 01/2017] 3. Recoil: Khaz & Noah. [Revised 01/2017] 4. Owned: Khaz & Noah, Jace & Elias. [Revised 03/2017] 5. Temper: Ashton & Reese, Jace & Elias. [Revised 03/2017] 6. Refraction: Khaz & Noah, Ashton & Reese (Jace & Elias) [Revised 04/2017] *Please note that the Fate of the Fallen (previously Ripples in the Status Quo) world has little place for humanity, and as a result, content in these works may contain graphic scenes of depravity, cruelty, and violence -- sexual or otherwise -- that could be offensive and potentially triggering to some readers.*

Bought - R. Phoenix - Fate of the Fallen

R. Phoenix ...

Pairing: M-M

March 21, 2016

Word Count: 56000

Character Identities: Bisexual

Summary: In a near-future United States where slavery is alive and controlled by an organization known as the Circle, Avery Tulano is up for sale yet again—and it might very well be his last time on the auction block. As a young man, he signed his life away in a contract willingly, driven by the desire to escape his life. Now, eight years later, he's broken, battered, and sick from a life of unspeakable horrors. When the bidding starts as low as $200, it may as well be a death warrant. Enter Conrad Fisher, a corrupt ex-cop discharged from the force who runs a failing private detective business. His wife died chasing one final high and he's been in a state of isolated depression ever since. He's only at the auction to help his journalist daughter Christina get a scoop on the Circle. When he sees Avery up for bid at such a low price, however, it's an offer he can't refuse and before he knows it, he's walking out of the auction house as Avery's new owner. It's a mistake. Slavery is wrong. Conrad can't afford to keep him anyway, no matter what strange connection they find in each other. But even if a real relationship was possible, a life of drugs, alcohol, and bad decisions is rapidly catching up with both of them—if the Circle doesn't kill them first.

Break the Chains - Reis Asher
Break The Chains

Reis Asher ...

Pairing: M-M

March 27, 2019

Word Count: Information not available

Character Identities: Gay

Summary: From the frying pan into the fire. After a critic’s review attacks both Chef Liam Walker’s culinary skills and his personal life, Liam can no longer take the heat of the cutthroat New York City restaurant scene. He needs to get out of the kitchen—at least long enough to cool down and regroup. At the Overlook Resort in North Carolina, Liam meets owner Carter Galloway. Carter has a passion for the hospitality business to rival Liam’s own, and it’s not hard to see where their shared interests—and attraction—could lead. But Carter has no interest in a fling, and Liam has no intention of walking away from the career he fought so hard for. If they want a taste of happiness together, they’ll have to find the courage to break the bonds threatening to pull them apart.

Breaking Bonds - Ari McKay
Breaking Bonds

Ari McKay ...

Pairing: M-M

June 1, 2017

Word Count: 101000

Character Identities: Bisexual, Gay, Straight

Summary: They\'ll protect me... if they don\'t break me first. I refuse to be a disposable pawn in my father\'s underworld dealings. If that means heading out in the middle of the night to get as far away as I can from my mafia family, so be it. I have everything planned, and it’s all going perfectly… right up until the point where they catch me. Angelo. Scary, domineering, the bruiser. If he wants me, he’s not going to stop until he gets me — any way he has to. Saint tries to be the “nice guy,” but he’s got a filthy little habit of touching me when I’m sleeping, when I’m helpless. And Victor? He’s the most terrifying one of all, the brains behind the brawn, with a cold composure I’m desperate to crack. If I can get to him, the others will fall in line — but what if he gets to me first? They promise to protect me as long as I do what I’m told, but just how far will I have to go — and how much of me will splinter in the process? Note: This work contains extremely dark themes with potentially triggering content. Read at your own discretion.

Breaking Lucia - Raissa Donovan, Addison Wolf - Spoils of Victory
Breaking Lucia

Raissa Donovan , R. Phoenix , Addison Wolf ...

Pairing: M-F, M-M, M-M-F, 4+ or Other

August 17, 2021

Word Count: 55000

Character Identities: Gay

Summary: In a world where humans are genetically designed, altered and sold for pleasure and breeding, a young prince of the powerful Cassian Dynasty decides to take a mate and sire heirs. Not wishing to saddle himself with royal and meddlesome in-laws, and a wife he would have no desire to bed, Prince Edward goes to Heritage Breeders, and finds far more than just a warm body to carry on his lineage. Percy is the result of a master DNA architect designing himself his own personal slave and breeder. Yet when his creator and Master dies, leaving Percy alone at the mercy of the callous stable masters and the new owner of Heritage, he fears his future. Afraid he'll be bought by a wretched old man or a deviant monster, Percy is terrified when he is dragged from his cell and presented to the most prestigious client Heritage has ever welcomed...a Cassian Royal. Prince Edward is immediately infatuated with the shy, nervous and enchantingly beautiful Percy, and claims him for his own. Yet not everyone is pleased by a royal purchasing a breeder, especially one like Percy, and tensions rise both in Heritage and in the palace. Torn between need, duty, a king's command and the innermost desires of their hearts, Edward and Percy are set on path that is anything but easy. Can Percy trust Edward with his heart as he does his body? Can Edward keep an angry king and unseen enemies away from the young slave who is steadily stealing his heart? And what happens when Nature takes its course, and Percy's true purpose is fulfilled?

Bred For Love - Revella Hawthorne - The Prince's Consort
Bred For Love

Revella Hawthorne ...

Pairing: M-M

April 21, 2015

Word Count: 27000

Character Identities: Gay

Summary: When Mateo tries to call off their relationship and leave his twin behind, Devin takes extreme measures to keep him close. All bets are off, and all the taboo and kinky fetishes he's wanted to explore with his brother are now on the table -- whether Mateo wants them to be or not. Devin doesn't accept "no" for an answer, and as he explores each and every new torment, Mateo gets dragged deeper and deeper into hell...

Brother Dear - R. Phoenix
Brother Dear

R. Phoenix ...

Pairing: M-M

July 18, 2019

Word Count: 20469

Character Identities: Gay

Summary: “I love you on your knees. My cock belongs in your mouth, brother mine. Doesn’t it?” When Mateo tried to leave his twin behind to have a more enriching life, he didn't realize it would lead to Devin's psychotic break. But he's found himself caught in a web of misery, where his brother controls his every move and his sexual sadism has no bounds.

Brother Mine - R. Phoenix
Brother Mine

R. Phoenix ...

Pairing: M-M

May 20, 2020

Word Count: 16000

Character Identities: Bisexual, Gay, Straight

Summary: Alexander LaFon lives a nightmare, but he deals with it. Deals with the fact that his mother abandoned him as an infant, deals with the fact that his father is never home, and deals with the fact that his older brother, Jeremiah, tortures him. He dreams of escaping his mobile-home prison and finding a normal life. Of breaking free of his agony, finding a woman to love, becoming a teacher. But some horrors you can never outrun. There's nowhere to hide. Some nightmares chase you in your sleep and steal your freedom like a brutal thief. Some brothers never give up and never answer why.

Crucial Lessons - Joseph Lance Tonlet - Brothers La Fon
Brothers LaFon, Part One: Crucial Lessons

Joseph Lance Tonlet ...

Pairing: M-M

February 28, 2015

Word Count: 54500

Character Identities: Gay

Summary: Bryson Franklin made bad choices in his past. When he inherits his grandparents' farm outside the small town of Willow River, however, he sees it as a chance for a fresh start. But patterns from his past resurface when Bryson takes up with Daniel Riggs, his bad boy neighbor, and he soon finds himself helping Daniel cover up a murder. After Bryson breaks things off with Daniel, the kindness and attention of handsome sheriff's deputy Sam LeClaire gives him hope, but when Daniel shows up on Bryson's doorstep a year later, will Bryson be able to resist temptation?

Buried Secrets - Hank Edwards
Buried Secrets

Hank Edwards ...

Pairing: M-M, M-M-M

March 25, 2017

Word Count: 104,000

Character Identities: Bisexual, Gay

Summary: Mari Gale's life has been a whirlwind since meeting Jake Chivis. A new job prospect and his mother's health preoccupy him, so when Jake invites him on a date he's ready to cut loose. Their night out turns into a nightmare when a fire breaks out in the basement of the bar and they barely escape. Soon Jake learns that the horrific accident is being investigated as a possible homicide, and it's not the only case. Detective Inspector Cordiline of the London Met hints at spontaneous human combustion but as far as Jake knows, SHC doesn't exist. When Mari looks into a group called Birthright he finds a connection to the victims of the fires and Jake risks himself to go undercover at the shadowy organization. The race is on to determine the truth before Jake becomes the next target.

Burning Boundaries - Bellora Quinn & Sadie Rose Bermingham - Elemental Evidence
Burning Boundaries

Sadie Rose Bermingham , Bellora Quinn ...

Pairing: M-M

July 4, 2017

Word Count: 48027

Character Identities: Gay

Summary: Double lives were just the way it was for a man like me. By day I was a man with a reputation above reproach. Even assassins needed backup plans. For fifteen years, life was going without a hitch until I had to take out a witness. When it was time to kill him, beautiful eyes filled with fear urged me to do something else. Yet, in order to do that, I had to break him, and by way of pain, my captive would experience pleasure he'd never dreamed. This book is part of CRIMINAL DELIGHTS. Each novel can be read as a standalone and contains a dark M/M romance. Warning: These books are for adult readers who enjoy stories where lines between right and wrong get blurry. High heat, twisted and tantalizing, these are not for the fainthearted. Trigger Warnings: Title contains the following possible triggers. Humiliation, Violence, Master/slave elements, Male Chastity, Murder, Imprisonment, Dub-Con, and Torture. Stockholm Syndrome. It is always by way of pain one arrives at pleasure. —Marquis De Sade (1740 - 1840)

By Way of Pain - J.M. Dabney - Criminal Delights Assassins
By Way of Pain

J.M. Dabney ...

Pairing: M-M

May 20, 2019

Word Count: Information not available

Character Identities: Information not available

Summary: Born and raised a gypsy in the late eleventh century, Teman values freedom over everything. He and his best friend, Jasim, are thieves for hire—until one night they’re caught and their precious freedom is revoked. Given the choice between the dungeons or palace pleasure slavery, they become slaves, but Teman vows to escape someday. Bathasar doesn’t want the throne. He supports his brother instead, which suits their sadistic father, Mukesh. When Teman, the handsome slave Bathasar has secretly been watching, saves his life, Bathasar requests a slave for the first time. Before long, Bathasar and Teman fall in love. But all is not well. One day Mukesh brutalizes Teman before the court, angering the empress of a neighboring nation. To appease her, he then offers her Jasim as a gift, and Teman decides to stay with Bathasar for now—despite the abuse he may suffer. The peace doesn’t last. Mukesh plans to invade Jasim’s new country, and Bathasar must find a way to stop the destruction. But if he succeeds, he’ll ascend to the throne and have the power to grant Teman his liberty. Then Teman will surely leave him. What other choice could a gypsy make?

Choices - Grace R. Duncan - Golden Collar

Grace R. Duncan ...

Pairing: M-M

March 4, 2013

Word Count: 126,531

Character Identities: Demisexual

Summary: Together, they can change the rules of the galaxy and the definition of humanity. When Damion Hawk is offered an opportunity to escape the destitute life of a miner on Mars and become an elite Alpha Fighter pilot, he jumps at the chance. Within the Chrysalis Corporation, Damion must learn to work with his Core—a man with computerized implants, no human emotions—and no rights. But unlike other Fighters, Damion can’t treat Core 47 as a tool. He sees 47 as more than a machine, and he’ll take deadly risks to help 47 find the humanity inside him. Fighters and Cores are designed to work together and enhance each other’s strengths in defense of their employer. Damion and 47 will need each other’s support as suspicions about the all-powerful Chrysalis Corporation arise. Someone wants Damion and 47 gone, and they need to find out who and why while hiding 47’s growing emotions and the love forming between them. If they can succeed, they might save not only themselves, but all Cores enslaved by the Corporation.

Chrysalis Corporation - T.A. Vendicktov
Chrysalis Corporation

T.A. Venedicktov ...

Pairing: M-M

November 17, 2015

Word Count: 115000

Character Identities: Bisexual, Polyamorous, Straight

Summary: They want a broodmare. I want out. I\'ve never wanted anything to do with the mafia life. I was going to get my degree and get out. But thanks to mafia warring, I\'m now being held hostage by one of the largest criminal empires. Giulio Pavone is as personable as he is cruel, treating women like nothing more than product to be sold. Damien Rossi\'s faux gentle touch makes my skin crawl. Slayer has made no secret how much he wants to see my tears. And above all, they want to forcibly use me to continue the Pavone family line. I\'m nothing but a broodmare to them. I know if I get pregnant, my chance of escape becomes next to nothing. I have to get out. I have to stay strong. I can\'t become one of the broken girls they sell at their seedy clubs. Note: This work contains extremely dark themes with potentially triggering content, including forced pregnancy. Read at your own discretion. Though this book picks up where Loving Lucia left off for Vanessa\'s story, it is not necessary to read the Spoils of Victory trilogy before diving into the Breeding Contempt trilogy.

Claiming Vanessa - Raissa Donovan & Addison Wolf - Breeding Contempt
Claiming Vanessa

Raissa Donovan , Addison Wolf ...

Pairing: M-F, M-M, M-M-F, 4+ or Other

September 2, 2022

Word Count: 120,000

Character Identities: Gay

Summary: After years of lying, scheming, and dangerous manipulation, Vin Vanbly finally gets what's coming to him: love. How can he survive unstoppable, uncontrollable love when his very nature demands he control everything? Clues about his one true love—tantalizingly hinted at in each of the books in The Lost and Founds series—come together in four life-changing stories. In No Kings, a sex hookup with a parking lot stranger reveals more about Vin’s life as a Lost King and his destiny than he could have dreamed. In King Fitch, Vin meets the last king in his long legacy, one final King Weekend before he withdraws from the world to an anonymous Latin American jungle. The Lost Ones recounts a terrifying kidnapping by street thugs from Vin’s past. In King Malcolm the Restorer, Vin’s mysterious relationship with his older brother—and the soul-crushing secret which drew them together—is finally revealed. Through it all, Vin Vanbly struggles to survive. But what if he is destined for more than mere survival? Is he finally ready to embrace the truth and remember who he was always meant to be? Once there were a tribe where every man was the one true king and every woman the one true queen…

Come Back to Me - Edmond Manning
Come Back To Me

Edmond Manning ...

Pairing: M-M

August 23, 2016

Word Count: Information not available

Character Identities: Ace, Bisexual, Pansexual

Summary: Matthias has spent his whole life on the edge of a very small world. The bastard child of a fallen woman, he’s known nothing but judgment and hatred from the harsh, religious people of his enclave—except for Balthazar. The son and heir of the High Elder, Balthazar shows Matthias kindness, love... and desire. But when the High Elder discovers what his son has been doing, Matthias is arrested and sent to an isolated prison known as the School. There, and in the wastelands beyond, Matthias learns the secrets behind the hypocrisies of the Council of Elders, and his true heritage, true power, and true love.

Counsel of the Wicked - Elizabeth Schecter - Rebel Mage
Counsel of the Wicked

Elizabeth Schechter ...

Pairing: M-F, M-M

March 8, 2022

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