Brothers LaFon, Part One: Crucial Lessons

by Joseph Lance Tonlet

Crucial Lessons - Joseph Lance Tonlet - Brothers La Fon
Part of the Brothers LaFon series:
  • Brothers LaFon, Part One: Crucial Lessons
Pages: 56
Pages: 56

Alexander LaFon lives a nightmare, but he deals with it. Deals with the fact that his mother abandoned him as an infant, deals with the fact that his father is never home, and deals with the fact that his older brother, Jeremiah, tortures him.

He dreams of escaping his mobile-home prison and finding a normal life. Of breaking free of his agony, finding a woman to love, becoming a teacher.

But some horrors you can never outrun. There's nowhere to hide. Some nightmares chase you in your sleep and steal your freedom like a brutal thief. Some brothers never give up and never answer why.

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Jeremiah age 31 / Alexander age 30

Miah sat behind his reproduction Resolute desk with a raging hardon. The desk was an exact copy of the one used by some US presidents in the Oval Office, and he loved the attention it commanded. The hardon was a result of the man who’d been sitting on the other side of the massive, intricately carved hunk of wood which had separated them—Louis Stevens.

Louis’ mother had suddenly passed away less than an hour ago, and Amanda, Louis’ wife, called in a panic asking Miah for his help. Louis, an only child, would be devastated when he learned of his beloved mother’s death. Miah, never one to pass up a golden opportunity, had jumped at the chance to deliver the news.

“Louis,” Miah had started, pausing to run a long index finger over his full bottom lip while drawing his rugged, blond brows together, “there’s something we need to discuss.”


He wanted to prolong the delivery for as long as possible and just savor the sweet moment—the moment he would watch the man crumble before his very eyes. It was going to be exhilarating.

Louis had sobbed, Miah had gotten hard, and Jen, Miah’s secretary, had been summoned to assist poor Mr. Stevens out to a waiting town car.

Having just downed two fingers of Basil Hayden's bourbon from his corner bar, Miah was about to duck into his personal washroom to rub one out when he heard a hollow knock followed by Rod’s treble voice at the doorway.

“Mr. LaFon?”

Fuck! Leave it to Rod to screw up the perfect ending to a rare treat.

“Yes?” Miah snapped, glancing over his shoulder.

“Um, sir? I have my final report…on the matter I’ve been working on,” Rod said while holding up a manila envelope.

Turning back to the bar with a hidden smile, he measured two more fingers into the cut crystal glass. Not bothering to address Rod directly, he slid the LaFon and Sons decanter back in place, and ordered, “Place it on my desk and leave.”

Once he heard the door close, he turned around, his erection half-gone, and took the whiskey to one of the windows that lined an entire wall of his spacious office.

Standing there sipping the slightly burning liquid, he reached into the breast pocket of his suit jacket and pulled out a pack of cigarettes. Glancing back at the envelope as he brought a flame to the cigarette’s tip, he smiled again and drew in a breath. Prolonging the opening of the prize made his dick rethicken with anticipation.

The only thing tarnishing the exquisite occasion was Rod being connected to it—in any way. Rod was a good fact finder, perhaps the best, but Miah despised him. He despised the investigator’s soft mannerisms, despised his forced politeness, and despised that he was one of the few living people who knew Miah for the psychopath he was. Rod was a temporary, but necessary, evil. And once Miah was done with the little freak, Rod would disappear without a trace. He’d long ago formulated the plan.

With a final deep drag of the sweet clove cigarette, he stubbed it out, his eyes landing on the envelope once again. He allowed his fingers to lightly draw along and tease the bulge of his gray slacks while he swallowed the last of his bourbon.
Picking up the envelope, Miah sat in the deep leather chair and looked around the personally designed office. He’d taken the flagging glass and decanter company he and his brother, Alexander, inherited and turned it into a business which would be passed down for generations. Not that Alexander had set foot in the place since their father had died. It wasn’t that Miah really gave a shit that half of the profits went into his cunt of a brother’s checking account each month. No, it was the fact that his brother had been in hiding for the last decade that really chapped his ass.

He slid the sharp glass letter opener carefully along the seam of the envelope, knowing full well what was inside—otherwise, Prissy Rod wouldn’t have called the job finished—and held his breath as he reached in. This was the moment he’d waited years for.

His trembling fingers pulled out the photographs as his breath caught. The top one was enough; the others would only be a bonus.

The cheap hotel room’s interior served as the backdrop to the focal point in the foreground; his brother’s thick, condom-clad cock buried tightly into a nearly hairless pussy.

The pair were lying on their sides, with Alexander wearing a shirt, tie, and blue jeans. The jeans weren’t even pulled down, just unbuttoned. He was pushed up against the young, dark-haired girl’s back. She had one delicate leg bent at the knee and hitched up to allow him inside. A muscled arm was snaked over her side and stretched down her slim, light-brown abdomen. His thick, long fingers had her soft, sticky folds pulled back exposing her sensitive clit.

Miah let the stack of pictures slide to the desktop as he reached for his own straining cock, shifting it from the left side of his pants over to the right. Squeezing the rigid flesh through the tailored fabric, he closed his eyes and sighed. This is it. I’ve fucking got him!

He glanced back down to the photo and saw the girl’s devious, almond-shaped, dark eyes staring at the unseen camera. Her bright-white teeth and pink tongue were set off by the pleasured O of her mouth. Alexander’s stubbled jaw grazed her collarbone as the shutter went off. His handsome face was clear, lit, and in focus.

It could have been a shot taken directly out of some skanky skin magazine, but it wasn’t. It was so much better; it was his high-school-educator brother fucking one of his students. And it was fucking perfect.

Reviews:JustJen on The Blogger Girls wrote:

I truly don’t know where to start with this review. I was blown away with the storytelling abilities of Mr. Tonlet in Grif's Toy, and though this story is so very different from that one, the underlying skill is what still strikes me the most.

I guess it can’t be said enough that this story is not for the faint of heart; that the warnings are there for a purpose and should be heeded seriously. With that out of the way, this is the extremely twisted tale of two brothers, one who is an extremely disturbed and sadistic bastard, and one who is…not.

This story starts in current day giving you a sense of how things are being played out now, but it quickly goes back to the horrors of their childhood. Jeremiah (Miah) lords over Alex, often in very cruel ways. The lessons he chooses to force Alex’s compliance are nothing short of chilling. My heart was in my throat through much of this, and I just wanted to wrap Alex up and steal him away from Miah, while at the same time, hoping Miah gets what is coming to him in spades.

Disturbed, sadistic and manipulative bastard. That is Miah on the outside. On the inside, he is very complex, and the whole time, you just want to understand, though I don’t think we ever truly will, what the heck is going on in his brain. The level of psychological, let alone physical, trauma he inflicts on Alex is a bit mind blowing. Does he care, even a little? Clearly he must on some strange level to have basically made Alex his life’s work.

Alex is so sweet and conflicted and just trying to survive. My heart broke for him so many times until he finally makes his break. How he managed to make a life for himself is beyond me, though, as I said earlier, Miah has not given up, even all these years later. The level of Miah’s control seems to have no boundaries, nothing holding him back from doing whatever it takes to bring back Alex and restore things to the level they were throughout their young lives. Just when you think Miah can’t stoop any lower…

This is one of the most powerful short stories I have ever read. You will zip through this on the edge of your seat, cry and scream at the words being told and yet long for more at the end. The words just flow and you won’t want to skip a single one. If you like these kind of deeply dark psychological mindfucks, I highly recommend and strongly urge you to pick this story up. It does not disappoint on any level. I cannot wait to see where Mr. Tonlet is going to take us in the next segment, but I have no doubt it will be another amazing ride.

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Kimmers on Kimmers' Erotic Book Banter wrote:

Two words come to mind after reading Joseph Lance Tonlet’s Brothers LaFon Part One: Crucial Lessons….thought provoking. And these words ring even more true today, after having read it a second time.

Before you attempt Brothers LaFon read Tonlet’s warnings. They are up front and there for a reason. If any of the subject matter, especially incest, is a trigger for you – don’t dip your toes.

I consider myself to have a very open mind. But I can honestly say that as the context of this book began to touch me I found myself wondering what was wrong with me. How and why could something with this subject matter, something I do not condone, impact me so? But after having read the book twice I can honestly say it is.....empathy!

Right off the bat you know that Jeremiah (Miah) is going to be twisted.

After all he is “getting off” by delivering the news to his friend that the man’s beloved mother has passed away. Literally…getting hard! In the next breath a private investigator has brought Miah the goods on his estranged brother Alexander (Alex). Which somehow you know in your gut can’t be good.

From this point forward you are taken on a ride. And I do mean a ride!

Tonlet takes you back in time to see how Miah and Alex’s “relationship” began and how it developed over the years.

This seems to be a theme with the author. I know some are put off by time hopping but I personally find that it helps tell the tale. Develops the characters for me. Who they are, what makes them tick and why they behave a certain way. After all, do not our past experiences define our personality?

Regression is never more important as it is in Brothers LaFon. As Alex suffers at the hands of Miah, mentally, physically and sexually (sometimes excruciatingly so) you get glimpses into Miah’s thoughts. You are taken on Miah’s psychotic journey.

Yet, even amongst that, somehow along the way you are meant to understand BOTH Alex and Miah.

Alex’s fears, his sense of helplessness over his situation are almost palpable and you want him to get the hell out as much as he desires to get away.

While at the same time Tonlet makes you feel empathy for Miah. How can that be you say? When the man uses pain for his own pleasure, gets turned on by his dominance and control over Alex and in his own words is a master at “psychological fuckery”? Because.....

JLT makes you see even Miah, as human.

But the real brilliance in Brothers LaFon is the end. Where you see all the well plotted ground work played out in the very last chapter. Where you see just how far Miah is willing to go to get what he thinks is his. Where Miah displays just what a Master at fuckery he truly is. I found myself screaming “no more” and then “I want more. Let Alex see HE holds all the power”!

In closing let me just say that what I find I enjoy most in Joseph Lance Tonlet’s tales is his message of empathy. He puts you in the shoes of each of his characters with so much depth and emotion. He makes you think: about people, about life, about circumstances; even at times when you think you can’t possibly endure any more. So much so that by now I have come to expect a book hangover after reading his talented work.

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Ann on Boy Meets Boy Reviews wrote:

Beautifully fucked up.

The kind of book that made me question my moral compass, because holy hell I should not be so damn intrigued by Jeremiah LaFon. He’s a sadistic psychopath with absolutely no fucks to give about anyone else’s opinion. It’s a seriously well done character study into the mind of Miah and his brother Alex. Alex gave the story its balance and a character to root for and empathize with. Growing up as the victimized brother to Miah’s brand of attention would do some hardcore damage to anyone’s mind.

For a short story, there was a great amount of history given and it made me “get” the dicked up family dynamics. I think it’s because the author did a great job of showing and minimal telling. It made Miah’s character that much more frightening. A few well-placed thoughts and actions of his gave a world of story in one or two paragraphs.

There were a couple of moments that were really tough for me to read. Wait, who am I kidding, there were a lot of moments. But, what I’m getting at it is you need to pay attention to the tags for the story. My breaking point could have been with the animals, if there had been any additional that would have been it for me like it would be for many. I bring this up because you should know that it wasn’t gratuitous or overly graphic. Disturbing? Absolutely. But, it had a point and spoke to Miah’s mind in a way that gives huge impact to the reader and to Alex.

The nighttime conversations between Miah and Alex were just as disturbing as the beatings Alex took. For me, the quitest moments can bring the greatest unease. They can lull the victim (and reader!) into a false sense of security and make us step back from the edge a bit and drop our guard. That’s pretty much the worst plan to have but damn I wanted that moment for Alex so badly even though it was doing him no favors in the long run. No matter what, Miah is his brother and Alex loves his brother.

I cheered for Alex when he was finally able to make his break, but also wasn’t naïve enough to believe that would be it. The escape was a tease and the end broke my heart and intrigued the hell out of me. While the story doesn’t end on a cliffhanger per se, it does open the door to a whole new chapter for this extremely disturbed relationship. I’ll be right there ready to read it too. Of course I’ll have to have something on deck that is so sickeningly sweet I’ll get a cavity just reading it, for brain cleansing purposes, but it’s totally worth every word.

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