Words: History

I gave some real thought to what word to use for this month.  I’ll admit that most of the words I came up with weren’t exactly kind.  I’m sure you can figure out why, if you follow US current events at all.  Current events got me thinking, though, about history.  Who gets to write history?  … Read more

Words: Heat

Words: Heat   This month’s word is heat.  It can’t be a surprise to anyone living in the US why this month’s word would involve high temperatures.  Most of the country has been dealing with scorching temperatures for a few weeks now, possibly as punishment for our climate sins.  I’m not someone who typically objects … Read more

Words: Frivolous


I had a very different post in mind for today. I had a post about Pride, because it’s June, and as part of my birthday “celebration” I’m going to my local Pride parade for the very first time at the youthful age of 43.  (Well, I’m turning 43.  I’m still bothered enough by society’s obsession … Read more

Words: Family

The word I’d like to discuss for this month is “family.”  It might seem an odd choice for April, seeing as how we’re heading into spring (hah!) and renewal, rebirth, and all that jazz. April is also the month when many “ladies’” magazines start running features on baby shower planning, bridal shower planning, and all … Read more