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REVIEW: Beau’s Dilemma – Patrick Doyle

Beau's Dilemma - Patrick Doyle

Genre: Mystery

LGBTQ+ Category: Gay

Reviewer: Maryann

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About The Book

Sam receives a desperate call from ex-lover and soul-mate Max who now lives in Australia. Max is a scientist and he’s developed a molecule he claims will change the way the world works. But he believes ‘dark forces’ want him to fail and maybe even die. He’s afraid and begs Sam to come down. 

Concerned for Max’s mental health as much as his physical safety, Sam does. When he lands in Sydney, however, Max has disappeared. But he’s left a trail of cryptic messages that lead Sam from Sydney across to the Blue Mountains and up to the tropical north. 

Along the way Sam meets two very different men. Trevor’s a surfer, carefree and easy going. Dominic’s a researcher and much more reserved. Each has a secret, both want to help, but only one wishes him well. Sam has a secret too, but he doesn’t know it.

Battling threats, betrayal, and outright assaults, Sam searches for Max and for his missing research. At every turn he must chose the right path, make the right decision, and trust the right man. Or he’ll lose everything, including love.

The Review

Samuel-Edouard Beaulieu, aka Beau, has been best friends and schoolmates with Maximiliano Figueira, then lovers and then friends again. Sam studied history at the University de Montreal, while Max was in the science program at McGill University, in environmental research.

Sam took a job at a local high school, and Max was working on his doctorate at McGill.  Eventually, Max was offered a fellowship at the University of Sydney.  Even though their relationship had dissolved, they stayed friends and in touch with each other.  

One day, Sam is urgently called upon by Max with a life threatening situation. Someone is tampering with his research. Beau has never known his friend to be this upset.  He agrees to travel to Australia and meet Max.

Max already has all the arrangements made for Sam. Sam knows Max well: he’s never straightforward and always works in codes and clues, no mistakes. Max is the only one who calls him Beau.

Sam is already on edge after hearing the story that Max shared with him. He’s at his first stop, the very secluded “Breezy Palms,” to wait for Max. He takes a walk along the deserted beach and saves a man with a jellyfish sting.

Not knowing what to do , he takes the man back to his cabin. When he awakens the next morning and finds the stranger, Trevor, still there. he becomes agitated. Trevor and Sam manage to share a personal moment later that morning, but Sam’s suspicions scare Trevor and drive him away.

When Sam learns of Max’s demise and meets another stranger, Dominic, Sam’s paranoia is driven higher, and he goes on the run. His flight takes him into a dangerous world of deceit, violence and danger. Through it all, Sam stays loyal. He has one goal – to protect Max’s research, no matter the cost.

I’ve read three novels by Patrick Doyle. The first two were very well done, so I was eager to read this one.

With “Beau’s Dilemma” Doyle steps outside the box and creates a precise, meticulous novel filled with secrets, clues and chaos. The book includes some very steamy moments, but they don’t detract from the pacing of this very suspenseful novel. The plot never looses its direction, filled with fast-paced action, corruption and violence.

And Sam and Trevor are so intriguing – want more!

The Reviewer

Hi, I’m Maryann, I started life in New York, moved to New Hampshire and in 1965 uprooted again to Sacramento, California.  Once I retired I moved to West Palm Beach, Florida in 2011 and just moved back to Sacramento in March of 2018.  My son, his wife and step-daughter flew out to Florida and we road tripped back so they got to see sights they have never seen.  New Orleans and the Grand Canyon were the highlights. Now I am back on the west coast again to stay! From a young age Ialways liked to read.

I remember going to the library and reading the “Doctor Dolittle” books by Hugh Lofting. Much later on became a big fan of the classics, Edgar Alan Poe, Mary Shelley, Bram Stoker and as time went by Agatha Christie, Ray Bradbury and Stephen Kingand many other authors.

My first M/M shifter book I read was written by Jan Irving the “Uncommon Cowboys” series from 2012.  She was the first author I ever contacted and sent an email to letting her know how much I liked this series.  Sometime along the way I read “Zero to the Bone”by Jane Seville, I think just about everyone has read this book! 

As it stands right now I’m really into mysteries, grit, gore and “triggers” don’t bother me. But if a blurb piques my interest I will read the book.

My kindle collection eclectic and over three thousand books and my Audible collection is slowly growing.  I have both the kindle and audible apps on my ipod, ipads, and MAC. So there is never an excuse not to be listening or reading.

I joined Goodreads around 2012 and started posting reviews.  One day a wonderful lady, Lisa Horan of The Novel Approach, sent me an email to see if I wanted to join her review group.  Joining her site was such an eye opener.  I got introduce to so many new authors that write for the LGBTQ genre. Needless to say, it was heart breaking when it ended.

But I found a really great site, QRI and it’s right here in Sacramento. Last year at QSAC I actually got to meet Scott Coatsworth, Amy Lane and Jeff Adams. 


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