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QRI blog weekly update

Hey all,

Time for the weekly check-in. 🙂

The site continues to grow – we just hit 250 authors, and will soon have 1,100 books in the directory.

Last week, we updated to version four of the library plugin we use as our site foundation. There were a few small bugs with the upgrade, but in the end it resulted in a great speed bump on the site, We made a few more tweaks that helped as well, including adding pagination to the book pages, so you don’t have to load hundreds of books at a time. All of this means the site is now running much faster than it was a week ago.

We tested our first Facebook ad last week to help get the word out and reached about 3,900 people. We’ll be playing around with these going forward to find the most effective formula to create brand awareness for QRI.

As far as site traffic goes, we’re on track to reach almost 7,000 unique visitors this month.

Next up for site development – filtering. Now that version four is in place, our developer is working on setting up the ability to filter searches and book grids so you’ll be able to zero in on the title you want using the criteria you want.

We’re thrilled with where we’ve gotten in less than three months, and excited for what’s still to come!

–Scott & Mark

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