220 Authors, 900+ Books and Much More to Come

Hey all,

Just popping in for our weekly update on the QRI site, or Q-Rink, as the hubby calls it. 🙂

We just topped 900 listed books, and will probably hit a thousand this weekend – phenomenal growth in just five weeks, thanks to the wonderful authors on the site. We’ve also added our first ad, sorted out some site slowness problems, and plan more speed optimization to come.

Next week will likely see our upgrade to Version Four of the the books plugin we use, which will add a few things but is more of a back-end update. But V4 will allow us to move forward on our most pressing current goal – filtering of searches and book pages to allow you to zero in on exactly the books you want. A number of our authors have grumbled – and rightly so – about the amount of information we ask for on each book. But with this depth of info, QRI will be a site like no other when it comes to finding great Queer Romance reads.

I (Scott) will be at the DSP Retreat this weekend – if you plan to be there too, hit me up with any questions you may have about the site!


–Scott &amp Mark

2 thoughts on “220 Authors, 900+ Books and Much More to Come”

  1. Ok but when are there going to be actual queer categories? Like ace and bi and questioning and trans books? It’s super hurtful that there’s a whole category for cowboys but not trans stories on a site literally called queer romance. (and what the hell, poc is not a genre!!) when is this site actually going to be about queer stories 1st and their tropes 2nd?

    • There are. 🙂 Right now they are listed on each book under identities. Shortly we’ll be adding filtering to specifically allow you to search for books under those categories.


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