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Anthology Calls

Sapphire Books “Long Distance Love” Anthology

Sapphire Books Publishing“Sapphire Books is dedicated to quality outcomes that respectfully reflect the lives of the lesbian community. We publish and promote lesbian literature that embraces and reflects those diverse experiences. We value diversity of stories, experiences, and celebrate those diversities through lesbian literature.”

This call for submission is for their New Anthology is entitled “A Heart Well Traveled – Tales of Long Distance Love Affairs and Unlikely Outcomes”

We are seeking stories that feature a “Long Distance Love Relationship” at its nucleus, or as a key part of the story. The focus of the story is the journey the characters take and how their lives evolve as a result of it. The only limitation is the main character(s) must be lesbian or progress to identifying as lesbian. Make it gut retching, emotionally riveting, sexy or as hot as your imagination will allow. A happy ending is always nice but isn’t a requirement of this Anthology.


  • 1500 to 5000 words
  • Theme “Long Distance Love Relationships”
  • Send submissions to
  • Deadline is February 28, 2017

Dreamspinner’s 2017 Advent Calendar: Stocking Stuffers

Dreamspinner Press“Dreamspinner Press seeks gay male romance stories in all genres. While works do not need to be graphic, they must contain a primary or strong secondary romance plotline and focus on the interaction between two or more male characters. The main characters of the story must end in a gay or gay polyamorous relationship. Other relationships (heterosexual, lesbian, mixed gender polyamory) are acceptable in secondary pairings or as part of the development of a main character.”

Winter holidays around the world feature celebrations solemn and convivial, feasts and parties, and quite often, gifts to loved ones. Whether these gifts are funny and flirty, erotic, or lovingly bestowed, the perfect gift may be the most endearing way into a man’s heart.


  • 5000 to 18000 words
  • Story must be set in end of the year Holidays
  • Must be standalone and have a romantic theme with a focus on HEA
  • Send submissions to
  • Deadline is July 1, 2017
  • For Full Anthology details, download the PDF from Dreamspinner

If you are a publisher, or an author who knows about other specific submission calls, please email them to so I can add them to my weekly Author Opportunities post!

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