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Love's Pursuit Series

Word Count: 14000

Character Identities: Bisexual, Gay

Summary: After months of furtive assignations, Ash’s lover leaves him for a life of riches and respectability. Angry and heartsore at his rejection, Ash has no one to confide in. Neighboring farmers Seth and Dougal accidentally discover his secret. They know Ash has been taken advantage of and decide to teach him what real love is. Can Seth and Dougal help Ash mend his broken heart?

Barn Dance - Jules Radcliffe - Love's Pursuit
Barn Dance

Jules Radcliffe ...

Pairing: M-M-M

May 8, 2015

Word Count: 86000

Character Identities: Bisexual

Summary: Women only want him for his money. Jake Huntington learned that the hard way. Now he runs amok in the seamy underbelly of nineteenth century New York City, a notorious rake plunging blithely into one liaison after another. The greed of his many mistresses is only natural—he’s under no illusions about his lack of charm. Besides, paying upfront for his pleasures means there’s no risk to his heart. The beautiful Ashton Moore, however, intrigues him. And to his astonishment—for Ash is wealthy in his own right—the attraction is mutual. Ever in search of new thrills, he lets Ash seduce him, and they embark on a lively and clandestine affair. One that Jake expects to end once the long, hot summer is over. Dejected by Ash’s departure home to Philadelphia in the fall, Jake is forced to acknowledge the uncomfortable truth. This affair he began so light-heartedly is now the deepest, most vital relationship he’s ever had. Shocked at his folly in letting someone into his heart again, he tries to wrest back control. But unlike all the women Jake paid and forgot, Ash isn’t going quietly.

A Summer Pursuit - Jules Radcliffe - Love's Pursuit
A Summer Pursuit

Jules Radcliffe ...

Pairing: M-M

May 18, 2018

Word Count: 85000

Character Identities: Bisexual

Summary: A respectable schoolteacher discovers she’s not a cold-hearted spinster after all… Evie always thought herself too cold for love or passion. After the death of her beloved father, she’s reduced to earning her living as a traveling schoolteacher. Her life might be a solitary grind, but it’s preferable to a loveless marriage. With winter closing in, she’s desperate to get to her next post before snow closes the road through the Cascade Mountains. And when an accident leaves her injured and stranded, she’s rescued by two of the most gorgeous men she’s ever laid eyes on. That’s the good news. The bad news is, snow has blocked the only pass. She’s trapped in the mountains until spring. But there’s worse. Once word gets out she lived with two men for a whole winter, she’ll never work as a schoolteacher again. Jake and Ash, knowing she’s effectively ruined, offer her marriage with one of them. Evie is sorely tempted. But now she has a new dilemma—she can’t decide who to marry. Though neither man has so much as lain a finger on her, they’ve awoken the dormant fire locked inside her heart. Every night the fantasy of having them both fills her hot and sensual dreams. But when she discovers the truth, her whole world crashes in around her. How will she survive a whole winter yearning for two men who can never love her back?

The Winter Trail - Jules Radcliffe - Love's Pursuit
The Winter Trail

Jules Radcliffe ...

Pairing: M-M, M-M-F

November 15, 2016