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Xavi Frey

Books By Xavi Frey

Word Count: 25000

Character Identities: Gay

Summary: Malcolm Barclay Bain is an Archivist with the Department of Possible Futures. He spends his day conducting research, managing the Department's physical collections…and retrieving dangerous objects carelessly misplaced along the waves of time. When he is instructed to retrieve an item that his handlers refer to simply as the tech, he travels back in time to Kansas City, 1927. He hunts through the vibrant city to find his treasure–but he's not the only one, and soon Mal finds himself clashing with--and drawn toward--a handsome adversary. The Archivist is the first novella in the Department of Possible Futures series, a collection of queer cyberpunk stories following Malcolm and Archie with an eventual HEA.

The Archivist - Xavi Frey - Department of Possible Futures
The ArchivistPairings: M-M