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Maxine Hall

I'm the woman behind the short lesbian romance novellas that'll have your heart racing and your cheeks blushing in no time, and sometimes might make you shed a tear or two.

I'm a hopeless romantic. When I'm not busy scribbling away, you'll likely find me buried nose-deep in a mountain of books because I love reading too. My fantasy dream woman loves libraries or runs a bookshop. She's also a fantasy cook and can look after me. Of course, I dream about the women I write about. And I'm thrilled to share those stories with you.

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Books By Maxine Hall

Word Count: 22000

Character Identities: Information not available

Summary: I'm attending my high school reunion with a fake girlfriend! But she has a boyfriend. And I'm not a lesbian. To top it all, there's only one bed. There are a hundred ways this can go wrong, so I don't know why I ever agreed to this madcap scheme. The Girlfriend Charade is a low-angst, fun, fast-paced lesbian romance novella.

The Girlfriend Charade - Maxine Hall
The Girlfriend CharadePairings: F-F

Word Count: 20000

Character Identities: Lesbian

Summary: One plump baker makes delicious baked goodies requires a financial investment will do ANYTHING within reason to keep the wolf from the door. One billionaire investor who is as hot as sin, arrogant and oozing self-confidence and has money to burn seeks a curvy full-figured lover and companion for her body and her personality. A 20,000 words short and steamy lesbian romance novel with a happy for now ending.

Pies Surprise - Maxine Hall
Pies SurprisePairings: F-F

Word Count: 23000

Character Identities: Lesbian

Summary: Rachel thought she'd never get over losing the love of her life. Each day was a struggle against the grief and depression that threatened to overwhelm her. Helping out her gay brother and his boyfriend was the one thing that still made life worth living. Feeling needed by her closest family kept her going through the daytime but the nights were long and lonely and desperate. Little solace lingered in the bottom of the bottle. When will the pain from grief end? Rachel's emotions are stirred by a bohemian lesbian artist who enters the world at just the right time. The touch of a good woman changes everything. Finding Solace is a romance novella which will warm you, make you cry, and bring a smile with a happy ending. All the feelings you want wrapped up in a novella for a quick read. The book includes the following: *A hint of magical realism * Grief * Dark depression and suicidal thoughts * A fake boyfriend-girlfriend relationship * A story of two women falling in love *A happy ever after 23,000 words

Finding Solace - Maxine Hall
Finding SolacePairings: F-F