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Leigh Jarrett

Leigh Jarrett is an unabashedly queer, quirky, and passionate author of LGBTQ+ Romantic Fiction, her books embracing the full spectrum of the rainbow. Her published contemporary works include gritty and angst-filled romances featuring Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Queer characters, with plans for a Lesbian Romance in the future. And her fantasy series, "Drakkar Coven" is brimming with lust driven vampires, werewolves, and shapeshifters.

Having been bullied as a child for being "different," writing, and publishing LGBTQ+ Romantic Fiction has given Leigh an opportunity to express her uniqueness, inspired by the LGBTQ+ community she calls home, her books highlighting their struggles, while celebrating their diversity, and affirming their most basic of human rights … to love and be loved.

In her hometown of Kelowna, BC, in Canada, Leigh can be found nestled up with her fabulously supportive wife, her trusty laptop, and their persistent treat seeker, Miss Mimi-dog.

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Leigh also writes under two other pen names. Gavin E. Black, writer of Hot Gay Erotica with a slice of romance, because every girl needs a naughty alter ego, and Sara J. Miller, trying her hand at young/new adult fiction, writing "Halo in the Snow," a first-love gay romance.

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Books By Leigh Jarrett

Stand-Alone Books

Word Count: 54500

Character Identities: Bisexual, Gay

Summary: Beyond the shadows, his love held true for only one man Derek Lawrence is a player. There is no other way to phrase it. He's been unstoppable since coming out in high school. Guy after guy, conquest after conquest. He isn't looking for any kind of commitment from anyone. His life is perfect the way it is. Except for one rather significant exception. Derek has been in love with his best friend and business partner, Justin Leary, since the first day he set eyes on him over twenty years ago. When an implication surfaces that Justin's feelings for Derek might also run deeper than friendship, he considers approaching Justin about it. But before he can, one targeted act of violence followed by the aftermath of violation challenges the depth of Derek's love for Justin.

Shadows on My Soul - Leigh Jarrett
Shadows On My Soul

Leigh Jarrett ...

Pairing: M-M

June 12, 2017

Word Count: 39400

Character Identities: Bisexual

Summary: After Ryan lost his wife to cancer, leaving him with three kids to raise on his own, he never thought he'd find any kind of companionship ever again. Especially not with someone like Michael. The last time Ryan saw his little brother's annoying childhood friend, Michael, he'd been a geeky, pimply-faced thirteen-year-old. That was just before Michael and his family moved to New York. There was an eight-year age difference between them, and being in college at the time, Ryan had never wanted to waste his breath talking to some immature teenage kid when he could be doing homework or making out with his girlfriend instead. Sixteen years later, a chance meeting at a coffee shop in Denver changes both of their lives. Michael, recently divorced from his wife, has two kids of his own, and a thriving recording studio. Michael is no longer the Mikey Ryan remembers. Getting the whole brood together for a Thanksgiving crafting extravaganza, and their mutual love of the blues cements Ryan and Michael's friendship into something neither one of them could have ever expected. Christmas is fast approaching. How far will their newfound friendship take them?

Christmas Blues - Leigh Jarrett
Christmas Blues

Leigh Jarrett ...

Pairing: M-M

November 1, 2019

Series: Circle Trilogy

Word Count: 90450

Character Identities: Bisexual, Questioning, Pansexual

Summary: Blood, conquest, and glory at his side becomes respect and admiration—and longing The Marjar attack on Mycea sets in motion a series of changes in the ruling structure of the empire that will forever impact the lives of three powerful men. King Meshia, supreme ruler of the empire, Sebastian of Cardin, Commander of the Third Empirical battalion, and Sebastian's Cardinian lover, Leo, a gifted healer beyond any that have come before him. King Meshia has a secret, one that might lose him his crown. One that would certainly diminish his capacity to rule and lead the empire's forces into battle. One night of unbridled passion, one weakness, one longing that could bring the monarchy to its knees. Sebastian of Cardin, Commander of the Third Empirical Battalion knows that love comes in many forms. He lives it, he breathes it. He is unapologetic. The military and his home in the Entertainment District in the Neter Colony on Mycea suit every aspect of his life. Leo of Cardin, a conjuring Cardinian, an anomaly of nature. Skilled in his craft. A force to be reckoned with in his own right. His relationship with Sebastian does not define every aspect of his life. He too has a secret, his family heritage placing him in a position of incredible power. Their world in turmoil, they will be called upon to embrace the love in their lives and abandon their long-held prejudices against one another in order to preserve the survival of their people.

Age of Mycea - Leigh Jarrett - Circle Trilogy
Age of Mycea (Circle Trilogy - Book 1)

Leigh Jarrett ...

Pairing: M-F, M-M

March 23, 2021

Word Count: 69525

Character Identities: Bisexual, Questioning, Pansexual, Polyamorous

Summary: Three powerful men find themselves connected by an inexplicable, unprecedented bond The empire's military has moved to Cardin, a desolate planet of endless undulations of blistering, shifting sand. The palace stands alone amongst a sea of battle-ready fleet ships. The Cardinian slave trade still flourishing under the previous rule. Prince Leozeuramun, now the ruler of Cardin, is anxious to bring an end to the slave trade and return some dignity to his people, with his husband, Sebastian, King of Mycea and High Commander of the Empirical Forces by his side. Sebastian is looking forward to beginning his life on Cardin with Leo. His husband has been craving time alone with him, away from Sebastian's relationship with King Meshia. More than anything else in his life, Leo's happiness is paramount to Sebastian's existence. Soon, discussions turn to ideas, and ideas lead to decisions, and the concept of reinstating the once-powerful and technologically advanced Cardinian Empire is borne. Much to Leo's disappointment, this means Meshia will need to join them on Cardin. As enemies sharing the palace, Sebastian, Meshia and Leo must set aside their differences to bring forth the rise of the Cardinian Empire and together learn to wield the unprecedented triad bond that has connected them all. The future of the empire depends on it.

Age of Cardin - Leigh Jarrett - Circle Trilogy
Age of Cardin (Circle Trilogy - Book )

Leigh Jarrett ...

Pairing: M-M, M-M-M

May 4, 2021

Word Count: 71490

Character Identities: Bisexual, Questioning, Pansexual, Polyamorous

Summary: Love unexpected and far-reaching expectations spark potential chaos Emperor Leo, Sebastian, and Meshia have taken on the task of raising Prince Seth in their stride. The young prince is taking to the lessons of ruling to heart, showing great promise in his ability to become an intelligent, fair, and powerful Emperor of the Cardinian Empire. But will it be enough? The love between the three men, Sebastian, Leo, and Meshia is challenged by Prince Seth's actions as he matures. Threatening to tear them apart forever. The Cardinian triad bond, the circle, remains intact but in jeopardy. Secrets are weakening the bond between them, and choices need to be made that will bring much pain to Meshia. Are they willing to risk it all to keep the circle secure? The future of the Cardinian Empire will soon be in the hands of the next generation. Prince Seth is being prepared to rule; to be the first true Emperor in two hundred fifty years. But will his forever and always love interest impede his ability to take his people into the next phase of his reign? Will the Cardinian Empire survive where Emperor Seth wants to take them? Will the Cardinian Empire's mantra of love and truth prevail?

Age of Tunisca - Leigh Jarrett - Circle Trilogy
Age of Tunisca (Circle Trilogy - Book 3 )

Leigh Jarrett ...

Pairing: M-M, M-M-M

November 20, 2021

Series: Drakkar Coven

Word Count: 32530

Character Identities: Bisexual, Gay

Summary: Come nightfall, the inhabitants of the ancient castle perched high on the mountain above their picturesque valley would awaken, and then no one left outside the village walls would be safe. The torches set into the thick stone walls of the castle would be lit, the evening bells would toll. Then Lord Callum would release his riders, led by his brother Oleander, an alabaster, screeching creature of nightmares; thundering through the night as he collected his victims. After one of Oleander's raids unexpectedly breaches the walls of the village, Laramie finds himself face to face with Lord Callum, a dark, majestic beast like none he has ever seen before. His first glimpse of Lord Callum sets his heart racing, partially out of fear, but mostly out of fascination—and something else, and Callum takes note of that, pleased to have found his next plaything.

Callum - Leigh Jarrett - Drakkar Coven
Callum of Drakkar Coven

Leigh Jarrett ...

Pairing: M-M

April 4, 2012

Word Count: 34200

Character Identities: Bisexual, Gay

Summary: The unrelenting seduction of Oleander's cool, flawless skin ...and deep, captivating eyes. The concern in his voice ...the touch of his hand. The exhilaration and pride elicited by the sight of Oleander waiting for him after the visit with his family had left him feeling disappointed and unfulfilled. Unfulfilled …pointless, insignificant ...until Oleander. Amidst the chaos of his sexual reckoning, Timothy is compelled to uphold an intimate pact struck between himself and Oleander, and chooses to follow him north to Drakkar Castle. The threat of war upon them. Grimmr Coven is advancing deep into Drakkar Coven territory, and only Oleander may know the reason why. He had lived amongst the Coven Grimmr for many decades with his human lover, Torkel, and fears that a far greater threat is coming, forcing Grimmr Coven south into Drakkar Coven territory. Left behind while Oleander goes in search of answers, Timothy's inner turmoil becomes unbearable. His only company enroute to Drakkar Castle, Alexis, a vivacious, blue-eyed seductress with a secret, intent on stealing him away for reasons that would launch the already fractured family of Drakkar at each other's throats.

Oleander - Leigh Jarrett - Drakkar Coven
Oleander, Son of Drakkar

Leigh Jarrett ...

Pairing: M-M

February 1, 2016

Word Count: 42020

Character Identities: Bisexual, Gay

Summary: War has a way of binding unlikely creatures together.  Alexander, Prince of the North, Alex, should have anticipated that his profound love for Oleander would blind him—fuel his desire to protect his forbidden love and his love's human companion—far beyond reason. His actions send his small group, including Oleander and Timothy, fleeing into the forest, aligning themselves with distant allies and negotiating with Seraphine, Queen of the North. Grimmr Coven and the Garam Horde are caught in the middle of two enemies bearing down upon one another; Drakkar Coven and the Queen of the North. Something has provoked the queen to march south with her entourage of animated dead, out of her frozen ancestral lands. She has a weapon, in fact two, the taming of which will surely bring about her victory. The first, she must retrieve, the second walks straight into her hands.

Alexander - Leigh Jarrett - Drakkar Coven
Alexander, Prince of the North

Leigh Jarrett ...

Pairing: M-M

October 20, 2020

Series: Tekla

Word Count: 100575

Character Identities: Bisexual, Gay, Transgender

Summary: A search for true love and self-acceptance Annie Luka has always been home-schooled, but she's convinced her mother to let her attend public school for her graduating year. When it is learned that Annie Luka is actually Attila Luka; a beautiful cross-gender guy struggling with his identity, it tears a small group of friends apart. Only when they all reunite ten years later is the full extent of Attila's deception revealed, bringing some of the group closer together, and pushing others further apart. What transpires over the next few years after the reunion leaves Attila wondering if he'll ever find true love.

Simply Marvelous - Leigh Jarrett
Simply Marvelous

Leigh Jarrett ...

Pairing: M-M, Includes NB

April 17, 2015

Word Count: 93100

Character Identities: Gay

Summary: A heartbreaking awakening to love unexpected Joel Carrigan and his girlfriend, Erica, are excited about starting their graduating year at Tekla Senior High. The long hot summer is drawing to a close, and their plans for a promising future together are on track, but their carefully laid plans are about to be disrupted by a dark and seductive force neither one of them anticipated. That force is named Ethan Cooke. His gothic persona, covered in tattoos, piercings, and reckless abandon set Joel's heart racing—but not out of fear.

The Stars on My Arm - Leigh Jarrett
The Stars On My Arm

Leigh Jarrett ...

Pairing: M-M

May 12, 2015

Word Count: 60160

Character Identities: Gay

Summary: Love at first sight, everlasting throughout time Chad Parker, privileged son of a wealthy hotelier, has made the decision to transfer to Tekla Senior High for his graduating year. Events during the summer have made it far too dangerous for him to remain at his old school. But on the very first day, he meets Derek Steeple, and finds himself in exactly the same situation, except this time, the consequences of his actions will forever change the lives of those he loves.

Two Nights A Week - Leigh Jarrett
Two Nights A Week

Leigh Jarrett ...

Pairing: M-M

April 18, 2015