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JP Kenwood

Sarcastic and sassy writer of deliciously smutty, plot-packed stories that celebrate men loving men, often. My stories, often dark and erotic, focus on master/slave power dynamics. My passions are ancient Rome, laughter, and wine.

My current four book saga, Dominus, is an m/m alternative history fantasy set in ancient Rome during the reign of the Emperor Trajan (AD 98-117). What if Trajan had been the custodian of two boys instead of only one? What if Hadrian had been privy to secrets that could damage the political authority of his older and more successful fellow imperial ward, Gaius Fabius? What if a Roman general had fallen in love with his captive Dacian slave? Could a powerful Roman aristocrat of noble ancestry have been deliberately erased from history?

Books available:
Dominus (2014)
Games of Rome (2015) Second Place in the 2016 Rainbow Awards for Gay Historical
Blood Before Wine (2019)
February and December, Book 1 of the Dominus Calendar Series (2016)

For more information about the Dominus saga, the cast of characters, story snippets and more, visit

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