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White Rabbit, Silver Fox

A Fallen for the Fae Novella

by Rowan Amaris , Theo Behr

White Rabbit Silver Fox - Rowan Amaris & Theo Behr
Part of the Fallen for a Fae series:
Editions:ePub: $ 2.99
Pages: 65

Like all fae, Wyte knows he's not supposed to crush on a human. And he's definitely not supposed to look the guy up after 20 years apart. And he's absolutely not supposed to fall in love. Oops.

Twenty years ago, rabbit-shifter Wyte was trapped in the fae realm as punishment for taking a human lover. He didn't even get a chance to say goodbye to the human, Tommy. Since then, he's drifted through the years, telling himself he's silly and rootless and not heartbroken at all. But when Wyte gets a chance to return to Tommy for a single night, he takes it. One perfect night, and he'll be over it.

Wyte has just one tiny problem. Tommy thinks he's dead. And Wyte turning up on his couch, having not aged a day, isn't helping. Still, Wyte's determined, and Tommy always was a sucker for his pout. Surely they can get back to how things always were. Only, Tommy isn't the closeted, immature man of Wyte's memories. Oh, he kisses with the same rough passion. But there's silver in his hair and new warmth in his smile. And his kindness, the way he treats Wyte with indulgence and understanding, is more than Wyte can bear.

Because this is just one night. Come sunrise, the fae realm will be waiting. And Wyte will never see Tommy again.

White Rabbit, Silver Fox is a second-chance HFN romp with no cliffhangers. It features an indulgent former tough guy turned retired softie and a silly, playful rabbit fae with far more depth than he's entirely comfortable with. There's snark and dry humor out the ears, enough spice to make the eyes water, and reconciliation after too long apart. This is a standalone novella in the Fallen for a Fae series. Each book follows a different couple (though we do love cameos).

About the Authors

Rowan Amaris

Rowan Amaris is a delightful person who made the terrible choice to allow her frequent co-author to write her bio. She lives with her cats in a city that has water nearby and enough grass to touch every so often. You'll often find her drinking a hot beverage and writing saucy stories about terrible, emotionally stupid men who love each other.

Theo Behr

Theo Behr is a writer who never actually thought she'd be in a position to be able to call themself that. She live with two cats somewhere far away from the sea, with occasional bounces to one coast or another. You'll often find Theo playing cozy games, drawing, and writing spicy tales about ridiculous men with lots of feelings who love each other.