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by Alexandra Y. Caluen

A slice-of-life M/M Hollywood romance novel about growing into yourself.

Victor Garcia and Andy Martin had known each other for eight years. Been in love for seven and a half. Been together – really together – for six, and married for two. So many milestones, so much change. Victor looked at his life sometimes and thought, this can’t be for real.

Going into 2020, they had a full year of work scheduled. Then life got weird, and for a minute it seemed a lot of things wouldn’t happen. It took some ingenuity and a ton of paperwork to make sure all those projects didn’t evaporate. It also took stepping up. Victor knew those two movies could be salvaged with a few changes, so he sent in spec rewrites. Not much later, they were in Europe for career-changing roles.

Andy was thrilled, not just because both movies were going to be better this way, but because he loved Victor’s new confidence. Every time the guy tried something new and it worked, he opened up a little more. Andy had to match that, because it was only fair. Even when the things that spilled out hurt.

Publisher: Independently Published

Tropes: Age Difference, Hurt / Comfort, Married Life

Languages Available: English

Series Type: Same Universe / Various Characters


Ordinarily Andy might have solicited some mutually-agreeable cuddle time after a session like that, but when he got home Victor was fired up over a stage musical he wanted to rewrite. A few years ago Andy would have fled the scene; now he settled in to obsess about it with his husband. That didn’t really end until they’d talked to Tanith after dinner. Once something approaching a plan was in place, Victor set down his phone. Andy handed over the pad of paper full of his scribbled notes from the call. Victor made a ‘do you think I can read that?’ face, dropped it on the kitchen counter, and wrapped his arms around his husband’s neck. They stood there for a few minutes doing nothing but hugging. Then he sang, very softly, a line from their upcoming concert’s finale number. “‘Say you love me every waking moment.’”


Andy took the next line. “‘Turn my head with talk of summertime.’” He kissed Victor again. They sang the last line together. “‘That’s all I ask of you.’”

“I love you so much.”

“I love you too. Let’s take Molly out for a minute, and then go to bed.”

They were outside for more than a minute. It was a chilly, clear night. The tenants in the triplex next door were quiet, as usual. Their guard acknowledged them briefly and then pretended they weren’t out there at all. The security floodlight at the construction site next door was angled away from their own yard, and the piazza lights strung across from the main house to the home studio had already gone off. They let Molly roam around the yard while they stood under their big pepper tree, wrapped in each other’s arms in the dark. “So what did you have to say to Dr. LaSalle today,” Victor said softly. “We’re pretty good now, right?”

“You are perfect.” Andy kissed him. “I feel great.” Another kiss. “I talked about how we’re still all over each other.”

Victor was smiling against that beard. “What did she say about that.”

“She had me run down the whole history of the world and all the stuff we’ve done. She said the way we’ve been evolving, it’s no wonder we’re not tired of each other.”

Not even close to tired of you. Victor had an earlobe in his mouth, a hand under Andy’s jacket, and a significant hard-on. Andy was holding him close with one arm. The other hand was in Victor’s hair. His breathing rate had picked up since Victor put his mouth to work. Victor put his other hand on Andy’s ass and pressed them together. He opened his mouth enough to say, “I want you.”

Andy shivered from the tickle of Victor’s mustache. “Then take me, you pirate.”

If it hadn’t been for that damned floodlight, Victor might have done it right there. Instead he stepped away so they could both see where they were going, which was back to the house. Molly beat them to the door. They went inside, locked up, kicked off their shoes and hung up their jackets. Brushed Molly, then went upstairs. Did the bare minimum of washing up.

Victor lit a candle on the nightstand. Now there was enough light. “Let’s see you,” he said, because apparently he was in charge tonight. Andy obediently stripped, then stood waiting for instructions. Eyes dark and warm, mouth faintly smiling, half-hard. Victor put a hand on his chest, drawing his short nails through the hair. Tracing circles around Andy’s nipples, then a line down from sternum to navel. A little more pressure as he circled that, because he didn’t want to tickle. Thumb along the ridge of the hipbone. Fingernails again, through the hair at Andy’s groin. “Legs apart.” Exploring as if he didn’t know this body as well as he knew his own. Cupping, fondling, stroking. Victor was dying to get his clothes off and his skin against Andy’s. He was standing close, but at an angle. Andy was still, passive, keeping his hands to himself even now that he was fully aroused. Victor couldn’t decide what to do next. “I think I want your mouth,” he said.


This book is set in the real world of 2020. Additional content alerts for past trauma.

About the Author

A long time ago and three thousand miles away, I wrote my first novel - a historical romance - during graduate school. Twenty years later I finally dusted it off and published it. Since then I have written and published many more novels and novellas; all romance, most contemporary. My characters (of various genders and ethnicities) range in age from eighteen to sixty-five, with the average falling in the mid-thirties. I'm inspired by authors like KJ Charles, Laurie R. King, Dick Francis, and Jennifer Crusie. I've lived and worked in Los Angeles since 1995.