Triple Jump

by Tam Ames

Love Has No Boundaries - Tam Ames
Pages: 76

Jeff and Patrick have been looking for a third to add to their relationship for some time, but are on the verge of giving up. A quick camping trip to regroup might be the answer. Taylor is reaching his limits in his job as assistant restaurant manager and needs a mini-break to get back to nature. Things get off to a rough start when his reaction to Patrick and Jeff camping nearby goes badly, but Jeff decides they should befriend Taylor and he's invited over to share their campfire and s'mores. After realizing Taylor is gay and attracted to them, the two men decide to pursue him back in the city. Initially suspicious of their motives, once Taylor realizes they are serious about a permanent relationship, he has to come clean with his own secrets. He's a bobcat shifter and he's not sure the two men will be able to accept this real him, but the truth has to come out.

This is a free story that was written as part of the Goodreads M/M Group "Love Has No Boundaries" event.

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“Hey, s’mores!” Jeff leapt up and started digging in the boxes of food sitting on the picnic table. He pulled out the ingredients and the sticks for marshmallows he’d found in the woods near the site.

They all laughed and began the process, a few flaming marshmallows the result, since Jeff insisted the fire remain no less than three feet high. Taylor seemed to relax and they spent the next couple of hours laughing and chatting and licking chocolate off their fingers. At one point, Patrick caught Taylor staring at him and Jeff, as Patrick licked the chocolate off Jeff’s fingers. For a moment, their eyes met and
Patrick held the stare as he made a show of licking the sticky sweetness from Jeff’s hand. Jeff moaned, and that seemed to break the spell.  Taylor stood up suddenly. “Um, I better go. It’s been a long day.”

Jeff wrapped his arms around Patrick’s neck. “Thanks for stopping by. It fwrapped his arms around Patrick’s neck. “Thanks for stopping by. It was fun and we’ll definitely come to the restaurant.”

Patrick was feeling kind of floaty from the beer and was now nuzzling and kissing Jeff’s neck. “Mmhmm, thanks for coming.” Once again, his eyes met Taylor’s and they both seemed to freeze.
As hurried footsteps headed down the road, Jeff spoke. “I think you scared him off, love.” But he tipped his head back giving Patrick more room to lick at his neck.
“Mmm. He could have stayed and watched.” Jeff groaned at that. “I think you’re an exhibitionist.” Patrick bit Jeff’s ear lobe as he said it.
“This is news how?” He gasped. “Oh god, yeah, that.”
Patrick stood, and Jeff wrapped his legs around his waist. Patrick grabbed his ass to hold him up and carried him toward the tent. He knew Taylor was still awake and would likely hear them, but at this point he didn’t give a damn, in fact a little devil on his shoulder hoped he did.

About the Author

I'm a single mom to a great 24 year old daughter. I have no idea how that happened, I'm surely not old enough. I have a full-time job as well. I started reading m/m romance in 2008, then went to reviewing and then writing which I do for fun.

Some dares and prompting of friends led me to the role of author and they've always been my biggest cheerleaders.


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