The Awakening

Book 1 Trilogy 1 of The Golem Chronicles

by Kitt Elliott

The Awakening - Kitt Elliott with Cass MacAdams - Golem Chronicles
Editions:Kindle - Second Edition: $ 4.99 USD
Size: 5.00 x 8.00 in
Pages: 100

The Knights Templar was the Crusade’s richest military order with full coffers and vast land holdings that stretched to the four corners of Europe.

Valerus of Thessaloniki was a member of the Brothers of the Poor, a detachment of the Knights Templar known for its bravery and skill on the battlefield. In 1307 Phillip the Fair, King of the Francs, was desperately in need of money. He used his influence over the Pope to mount a complaint of heresy against the Templars as an excuse to disband them and seize their assets. Once the Pope seated an Inquisition, none were safe.

Valerus refused to answer the allegations before the Inquisition and made a decision that sealed his fate and the fate of his men for eternity.

This is the story of the Awakening, when Valerus once again finds himself a soldier. This time, however, he will meet his toughest adversaries in a battle as old as time itself.

This time it is a true battle between Good and Evil.


“With only a Seer to guide them, immortality, super-human strength, and a Sword of Fire are a Gatekeeper’s only defenses. Though never numbering more than one thousand strong, they have stood as sentinels and for centuries waged unending battles to protect the borders of the World of Man.”

"The Gatekeepers are golems, earth-bound spirits who live and walk among us, unseen but in plain sight. They are no longer one of us, but they are still like us and here they are destined to remain until the end of our time."

The Legend of the Gatekeepers

About the Author

Kitt Elliott spent most of her childhood in Cleveland, Ohio. She attended Northwestern University. Her first novel, 3751 Daisy Street, actually began as a journal.

Kitt says: “I was reared in a household where children were seen and not heard. While that’s a nice thought it effectively took away my voice as a child. Where do you go when no one wants to listen? I didn’t have the opportunity to talk but I could write and words never escaped me. I still journal to this day and it’s from my journaling that I discover the characters that eventually find their way into my stories. I use reading and writing to escape. I especially love to read love stories, and I don't care who the characters are, their gender, or what real or alter world they inhabit. I just love a good love story!"

When Kitt is not writing she enjoys quilting, a timeless art she learned from her late grandmother. “There’s something about combining pieces of fabric to make a single thing that I find highly therapeutic.”

In addition to quilting, Kitt also enjoys playing cello and listening to Jazz music.

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