The Alpha’s Fake Mate

by Penelope Peters

Ricky Sandoval has a secret he won’t reveal.


By night, omega Ricky Sandoval is the darling of the dance club scene: friendly, flirtatious, and always up for some fun with whatever alpha strikes his fancy. But by day, Ricky pines for his neighbor and creative partner, Eli Epstein – who’s been in a committed relationship for as long as Ricky has known him. If creating a webcomic together is the best Ricky can hope for with Eli – then he’s willing to settle for second best, and find love elsewhere, one night at a time.


Eli Epstein has a promise he won’t break.


By day, alpha Eli Epstein is the quiet and clever introvert with the long-term girlfriend and a job that lets him stay safely tucked in his apartment. But by night, Eli worries about his neighbor and creative partner, Ricky – who’s also the subject of a crush Eli’s unwilling to admit. Everyone but Ricky seems aware of Eli’s feelings, Eli’s amused and super accepting girlfriend included. There’s no chance of acting on it, though – Eli has both promises and secrets he intends to keep, no matter where his heart might lie.


But just as their webcomic is about to be launched off the internet and into the physical world of publishing, one of Ricky’s one-night-stands leaves him pregnant… and alone.


Everyone’s keeping secrets. But sometimes…


Pretending to be a happy couple is the obvious solution – after all, half their internet fanbase already thinks it’s true. Ricky and Eli swear it’s only temporary – but the more time they spend together, the more fiction feels like fact.


Until Ricky’s one-night-stand reappears… and threatens to expose every secret they’ve promised to keep.


Torn between the guilt of loving Eli and the high-risk pregnancy he’s struggling to manage, Ricky now has to face that his affair might be the end of not only their publishing career – but their friendship, too.


…The biggest secret is the most obvious truth of all.


The Alpha’s Fake Mate is a slow-burn m/m mpreg omegaverse romance with an HEA ending. It features Twitter conversations, disastrous trips to department stores, and way too many wine glasses with way too much fruit juice in them.

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While there is a content warning for cheating, it only happens in the context of the Fake Relationship, as one of the people in the Fake Relationship is thought to be dating a third person at the time. The third person is fully aware of the fakeness of the relationship; there are no secrets between any of the participants. Well. Not that secret, anyway!

About the Author

Penelope Peters wrote her first story at the age of nine, based on a dream she couldn’t shake. This is probably why most of her romances usually include the weird and whimsical. Penelope has been happily married to her college sweetheart for nearly two decades, which is probably why her romances are practically guaranteed happy endings. Armed with her two kids, the cat, and her somewhat-trusty laptop, Pen’s traveled to more countries than you can count on two hands. (She’s very close to filling up that third.)  Currently Penelope lives in Country of Residence #5, where she is surrounded by pork, pottery, and her collection of unfinished counted cross-stitch kits.

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