Temporary Bliss

by Kiska Gray

Temporary Bliss - Kiska Gray
Part of the Love By Chance series:
Editions:Kindle: $ 3.99 USD
It was only supposed to be temporary. I just needed a cute guy to take home for Thanksgiving so I could convince my overbearing mother that I had my shit together. How was I supposed to know that the hottie I picked up at the club was a rockstar?
It was only supposed to be temporary. When I woke up with a tow-headed twink in my bed, all i could focus on was his bubble butt. So when he asked me to fake being his boyfriend for a family dinner, I figured why not? What did I have to lose?
Apparently, my heart.
And for a playboy like me, that's just asking for trouble.

About the Author

Kiska Gray is a 30-something crazy cat lady living in small-town Indiana, in a town not much bigger than how she envisions Sundog Park. She’s a lover of music (hung up on Ed Sheeran at this moment) and coffee (extra sweet!). She shares an apartment with two spoiled cats, one fat and one skinny, and spends her free time writing, reading, aimlessly browsing Facebook, playing Overwatch, and staring off into space.

She started writing in the fifth grade and has been writing YA fantasy since 2011, but MM romance has been her obsession for more than a few years and when her love for the genre recently resurfaced, she jumped headlong into a contemporary series of standalones that revolve around sheltered hearts and rescue dogs–and cats! Can’t forget the cats!

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