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Tacit Transgressions

Naked Gay Flirt - MM Book #406

by Ty Debauchee


Bam, bam, bam on the dorm room door startled me. As Tanner flung the door open, the panicked look on his face clearly meant something was very wrong.

"Oh my god! Ty, they have him again. They are assaulting Xander again! Someone just told me it is much worse this time."

I knew the university inaction and Xander's defiance would lead to an escalation. Nevertheless, I was in an all out sprint because Xander needed me. I just hoped Tanner and I could get to the quad before they did something unspeakable to Xander this time.

*This book contains explicit scenes of a gay sexual nature by consenting characters who are over 18 years of age. It is intended only for readers who are 18+ years of age. If you are underage or may be offended by this topic, do not purchase this book.


It had been two weeks since the frat party incident, and Xander was walking through the quad to the library to work on his Macro Economics class term paper. I kept insisting he have escorts around campus, but he was already vehemently against being escorted everywhere. Fortunately, he hadn’t yet implemented his plan to go to all of his classes naked. I was certain even he was hoping the university president would acquiesce to his demands before he felt he had no options other than to streak the campus at walking speed. While he wouldn’t mind having everyone see him naked, being nude, out and about on campus would likely leave him feeling very vulnerable.


Actually, by his standards, Xander’s attire was rather conservative as he walked to the library that day, including his customary distressed, minimally ripped bluejeans, a T-shirt, and flips. Of course, the T-shirt was one of his favorites. It read, “I was hoping to see things from your perspective, but I can’t bring myself to put my head that far up your xxx.”

It was Sunday, so the student traffic on the quad was light. Suddenly, he saw one of his nemesis frat boys facing him in the middle of the sidewalk about 50 yards ahead of him. At almost the same moment, he noticed a frat thug walking up on each side of him from behind. To make matters worse, the guy in front of him underwent mitosis to become six instead of one. Yep, he was facing the six geniuses from the frat party incident plus two extra. They were back to teach him another public lesson. After all, they didn’t experience any significant downside from the first event, so they figured why not have some more fun at Xander’s expense?

Realizing he had nowhere to run, Xander reached into his pocket and activated his phone to start recording while he kept walking. He just hoped some of the other students around might realize what was about to happen and come to his rescue. Unfortunately, what he didn’t grasp was how his abuse at the party, while an interesting novelty, made the other students on campus very uncomfortable. So none of the other students on the quad that day showed any interest in becoming directly involved, especially if it was going to involve violence.

As he stopped in front of the lead frat boy, Xander said, “What now?”

“Clearly, you didn’t learn your lesson the last time our paths crossed, so we’re here to continue your education.


About the Author

I have long been a reader of the gay erotic romance genre.  During that time, I only rarely found books with just the right mix of plot, sex, and love.  Consequently, I started tinkering with writing my own novellas in this genre.  With the encouragement of friends and readers like you, I endeavor to share my books.

Using tiny snippets from the fantasies of my life, I began building full stories of the life I wish I had experienced along the way.  When I write my progressive series, I am drawn to the challenges of growing up gay in a small midwestern town where being different was not commonly applauded.  The trials and tribulations of seeking out a sustainable loving relationship seem to perpetually foster the rewarding challenge of creating my characters and their escapades.