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Dragon War Chronicles Book One

by A.G. Carothers

Syn Consulting - A.G. Carothers
Part of the Dragon War Chronicles series:
Editions:Kindle - First Edition: $ 3.99
Size: 5.25 x 8.00 in
Pages: 263

Continue to hide or help save the very kin she's hidden from?

Welcome to SYN Consulting, the top business strategy consulting firm in Europe, home to a motley crew whose leader has a life changing secret. CEO, Danica Lestrange, is the first female dragon born in the last 800 years. Hidden from the rest of her kin and raised in the human world, she built a life that she would defend until her death.

A devious plan is unearthed while working on a new business deal that could plunge the dragons into another war with the humans. The humans may have forgotten the last dragon-human war, but the dragons have not. Will the war reveal this hidden world to the humans, or will the clans come together to defeat their enemies and maintain their anonymity?

Danica must gather her allies and help the very dragons she's hidden from her whole life. She can only hope that she'll be strong enough to protect her chosen family.

This is the first book in a new series about dragons who want nothing more than to live in peace, but refuse to be subjugated. In war there's also love, and love is blind. Love doesn't care about gender, race, species (in this case), or sexuality.

Warning: This book contains explicit sexual content between consenting adults. The sexual scenes are MM, MF, and MMF. There are romantic relationships depicted that are MM. There is also a high level of explicit language, snark, kink, and possibly bad puns and fart jokes.

This book does end in a cliffhanger.

Dragon War Chronicles is a continuous series. It is best read in order.

SYN Consulting

Secrets Revealed

First Strike

Dragon's Hoard (Coming Fall 2019)


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Cover Artists:
Pairings: MF, MM, MMF
Heat Level: 5
Romantic Content: 2
Ending: Click here to reveal
Character Identities: Bisexual, Gay, Polyamorous, Straight
Protagonist 1 Age: Ageless/Immortal
Protagonist 2 Age: Ageless/Immortal
Protagonist 3 Age: Ageless/Immortal
Tropes: Bodyguard/Guardian Angel, Friends to Lovers, Interracial Relationship, Rescue, Slow Burning Love
Word Count: 69000
Languages Available: English
Series Type: Continuous / Same Characters

Matthew finished the last bit of his sandwich as he stood up going over to a wall of glass that overlaid the actual wall. The glass was one large computer interface, much like most of the glass in the building from the table they were eating on to elevator walls, to all the glass panel monitors of various sizes. Matt tapped on the panel bringing up several windows and enlarging them so that everyone could see. He pulled a photo of Kollin Olsen and moved it to the center.

He reached back, grabbing his bottle of water. Swallowing a mouthful, he cleared his throat and started his report. “I finished my preliminary research into KleanTech and Global Gas. You’ll never believe who Kollin Olsen is.” Danica was completely occupied with a large mouthful of her sandwich and gestured for him to continue. “He’s the next alpha to the Norwegian Dragon Clan, son of none other than Hafthór Ormsson, making him Jǫkull Ormsson, The Glacier himself.”


“Fuck!” Danica thought, looking over at Xander, who could hear her thought clearly.

“Fuck is right,” he answered out loud.

Danica took another bite of her sandwich and looked around the table at the family she had created, mulling over that bombshell. Matt, thankfully, let her take her time and waited silently while she came to terms with that disturbing news.

These SLIPs who stood by her, supported her, and loved her were, for the lack of a better word, her pack as motley as they were. They were hers to protect as much as they protected her. She thought about that as she continued to eat. Xander placed a hand on her thigh and squeezed it reassuringly. If she took this job, she risked exposure of what she was. With that, she risked not just her life, but all of their lives.

Reviews:Adagio on Amazon wrote:

This book captivated me from the very beginning. It is an emotionally intense read, taking me from laughing to crying all the way back again. The author deftly manages to break down societal norms by including MF, MM, and MMF scenes. No matter what part of the book I was reading, I was hooked.

The character development is definitely solid, especially for Danica. As it’s a series, I am sure that more development will be added to additional characters. This book has phenomenal world building. I typically don’t read the fantasy genre because I have a difficult time imagining it. A.G. Carothers broke that mold with such perfect and minute detail. Between both the solid character development and the vivid world building, it felt like I could walk right into the pages.

The story itself was intriguing and kept my interest throughout, especially with consistent pacing. I immediately became emotionally connected with the characters and did not want the book to end. This may be a debut book, but this author should be watched because it far exceeded my criteria. If there were already a pre-order link for book 2 I’d already have clicked it!

5 stars for an emotionally captivating, vivid and intriguing read. Highly recommend!

About the Author

A. G. Carothers is actually a dragon very cleverly disguised as a human. They are a non-binary author of LGBTQI Romance and Urban Fantasy, who enjoys writing original and entertaining stories. They are very excited to share the worlds they've created with you.

A.G. is committed to writing the stories they see in their head without restrictions. Love is blind and doesn't see gender, race, or sexuality.

A.G. currently lives in Tennessee with their platonic life partner, who is not a dragon. They yearn to live back in Europe and will some day. In their spare time they are addicted to losing themselves in the lovely worlds created by other authors.

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