Stubborn Heart

Atlanta Hearts Book One

by Ken Murphy

Stubborn Heart - Ken Murphy
Part of the Atlanta Hearts series:
ISBN: 1623804744
Pages: 224

After breaking up with his cheating boyfriend, Mark Smith keeps life simple: his nursing career and a place of his own, but no dating. He’s steering clear of romance and the heartbreak that goes with it. After losing both parents and having all his relationships fail, he figures happily ever after is a myth.

When Dr. Trevor Hayes crosses Mark’s path at the hospital, he falls hard for Mark. The attraction is clearly mutual, and Trevor is determined to parlay that attraction into a relationship. Mark is just as determined to avoid exactly that.

But Trevor chips away at Mark’s resistance, and facing hardship and sorrow together brings them closer. Still, Mark can’t shake his belief that their romance is temporary-until he’s unexpectedly faced with the danger that he might lose Trevor for good. Mark must choose between guarding his heart and giving it completely, the risk he swore never to take again

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About the Author

Ken Murphy grew up in South Georgia, and boasts the first thing he ever had in his name was a library card. He credits his mother and her never-ending encouragement as the seed that started his lifelong passion for the printed word. He is a hopeless romantic who loves nothing better than a good happily ever after.


Ken lives in Atlanta, Georgia, Advocate’s #2 queerest city in America for 2015 . He and his husband, Andy live in a high rise condo in the Buckhead community. Ken is a nurse who loves working with people. He likens writing to childbirth, as page after page gives life to the characters in his head. When he’s not working or writing, you can probably find Ken in the gym or the kitchen. Or maybe partying at a location near you.

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