by Alexandra Y. Caluen

Dana Richardson had a long and successful run on a sitcom. Now she’s at liberty, looking for the next job, and finding herself squarely in the mom zone. On a walk through her new neighborhood she meets Rory Atwood. Rory’s a barista; Dana’s still in the closet; and how the heck can she even ask Rory out? Fortunately, Dana’s friend Andy has a solution.

About the Author

A long time ago and three thousand miles away, I wrote my first novel - a historical romance - during graduate school. Twenty years later I finally dusted it off and published it. Since then I have written and published eleven more novels and twenty-nine novellas. My day job is in a law office, I've been married for eighteen years, and I'm inspired by authors like KJ Charles, Laurie R. King, Dick Francis, and Jennifer Crusie.

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