Sol’s Solstice

Sol's Solstice - Leona Windwalker - New Beginnings
Part of the New Beginnings series:
  • Sol's Solstice
Editions:Kindle: $ 2.99
Pages: 125
Audiobook: $ 14.95
ISBN: B07B8W28Z3

Sol is used to flying under his family's radar, unless focusing unwanted attention away from his more outgoing, older twin. The day comes when he pays a steep price for attempting to shield his brother. Running for his life, he is nearly run down by a car driven by Seth. Can Seth help Sol find his way back from the darkness?

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Reviews:Mandy Ryder on Goodreads wrote:

Five stars

Not heard of this author before but took a chance and ordered this book. A very gripping storyline. To say I loved it isn't really the right term, because it certainly isn't a fluffy love story but an unusual and difficult storyline. Well told. This is going to be one of those stories that makes you think because this kind of thing is real. It will be on my mind for a long time.

Bec on Bike Book Reviews wrote:

Oh boy, where do I even start, there is so much to say about this lovely book, and to find out that this is the authors first MM book, astounding! She has really captured all of the elements that make for a wonderful love story, with a whole lot of angst thrown in. Sol is a lovely soul, who just wants for him and his brother to survive, what he doesn't count on his the hell that he is put through after protecting his brother. Seth is a man who seems to have it all, but is missing a key component of his happiness, true love. You must read this book, because while Seth wants a future with Sol, there are other people that want him too! Grab this book you won't be sorry, and you will read right through! Thanks Leona, for making this book one that makes your pulse race, and your breath catch right to the end! *5 Stars*