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Salvation’s Sinner

by Annabella Stone

Salvation's Sinner - Annabella Stone - Task Force Ambra
Part of the Task Force Ambra series:
  • Salvation's Sinner

Castello Moran spent his life in Delta Force, now the friends who rescued his son have asked for his help in taking his new taskforce undercover in an effort to catch the drug lord causing havoc in Florida. Taking this job leads Castello to the side of himself he had suppressed for a lifetime. Will he find to courage to acknowledge it and to claim the mechanic making him forget every rule he had put in place under Don't Ask Don't Tell so long ago?

Axel Shaw keeps his head down and his mouth shut. He has spent his life working on engines. He couldn't care less about drugs on the streets and all that jazz. He is more concerned about why the hell his new neighbor gets under his skin so freaking much? And why is it so much fun to drive him crazy? He really should not be figuring out how fast he can get the sexy assed ex-Delta Operator in his bed... right?

When Axel goes missing, Castello's realization that he is willing to burn this city to the ground to find his mechanic, makes him question if his Salvation could really be a Sinner?

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Publisher: Independently Published
Pairings: M-M

About the Author

Annabella Stone

First and foremost I am a reader who had stories in my head that were driving me crazy. When I mention it to an author friend of mine, she told me to "write them down," and what do you know, Jonah's Compass was born, during NaNo 2017, and published in April 2018.

Along with my love of dogs and books, I'm a graphics nerd who also enjoys hiking and dog-shows.

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