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Roselake Trilogy

Alpha/Omega Mpreg

by Colbie Dunbar

Roselake Trilogy - Colbie Dunbar
Part of the Roselake series:
Editions:Kindle: $ 4.99

Liam and Jake’s story begins on St. Patrick’s Day in a town where the people thrive as long as the rose bushes blossom.

Spending a weekend together changes their lives, though the path to happiness is littered with a lot of thorns. But as the alpha and omega form a bond and become a family, a threat from Jake’s former life sends them spinning around the globe.

As the pair crawl through the surrounding grime and corruption, love sustains them in spite of the fear that shadows everything they do.

One final journey, taken separately, leads them full circle back to each other and to a part of their past.

And in the end, a rose signals the way forward.

The books in this trilogy are:

The Omega’s Challenge

The Omega’s Promise

The Omega’s Triumph

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About the Author

My characters are sexy, hot, adorable—and often filthy—alphas and omegas. They include feudal lords with dark secrets, outrageous aristocrats with scandals buried deep in their past and poverty-stricken gentleman who have gambled away their inheritance.

Lurking in the background are notorious kings, princesses and courtiers whose opinions change with each whisper in their ear.

And as for me? I dictate my steamy stories with a glass of champagne in one hand. Because why not?