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Personal Relations

by Anna Butler

Personal Relations - Anna Butler
Pages: 106
Pages: 106

Kit Lewis and John Hogarth are two thirds of one of the best Public Relations outfits in the business. Kit has loved John for years now, but John's wary and skittish. He's seen far too many of Kit's loves fall by the wayside, wings burned, to risk it.

One day, though, Kit's sober when he makes the offer and John is particularly open-minded to the possibility of accepting Kit's heart and hand. The rest is history.

This collection of six light-hearted short stories charts their relationship from the London Olympics to the celebration of every public holiday known to humankind.

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Slightly naughty excerpt from "A Kiss is Just a Kiss, But a Good Blow Job is, Well, a Good Blow Job." My favourite story title ever, but definitely not safe for work!


Kit’s tongue traces the contour of John’s cock. He taps the with his tongue, laughing silently as John’s back arches. John whines a little. As you do, in such circumstances. Kit could bring him off in a minute, doing this, but that’s far too quick. Kit likes pleasuring John. He likes to savour it.


He goes back to the long, lazy licks up John’s cock, root to tip again. Like licking an ice cream cone on Brighton beach. Start slow and deep down, and move up, purposefully, varying the intensity of contact. Sometimes his tongue is hard up against it; sometimes gentle, barely touching, little butterfly touches that have John squirming and laughing. Once or twice when he reaches the tip, he encloses it in his mouth, sliding it in, and moves his head around in a circle to let the tip slide around his mouth. Clockwise. Anticlockwise. Never tightening his lips too much, but letting John’s cock find its own route around his mouth. It’s more fun that way. Lasts longer.


He can keep this up for hours. Lick the shaft. Let it slide in. Flick his tongue over the tip. Apply a tiny amount of suction. Flutter his tongue over the tip. Lick again. Let it slide again. More suction. More butterfly touches of tongue and fingers. Lick around the ridge below the head. Suck on the join underneath. Vary pace and pressure. Fast and hard. Slow and soft. Slow and hard. Fast and gentle. Slow and gentle. Fast and hard... over and over, while massaging John’s balls with one hand and sliding a finger up and down the shaft with the other or slipping it under him to play with his opening.

Over and over.

Until John’s panting, thrusting with his hips, the head of his cock swelling a little in Kit’s mouth and the taste of pre-cum is bitter on Kit’s tongue. And John’s in spasms, hips jerking now, legs stiff, hands lifting out of Kit’s hair to curl into fists. Quick as a flash, Kit presses his thumb against the base of John’s cock, stopping him, sucking hard on the head until John’s squirming and moaning, his hands reaching out and falling back helplessly, his lips drawn back and his jaw hard and set.


Until Kit releases the pressure and lets him go and he comes and comes while Kit sucks him down, thrashing and yelling loud enough to frighten the cat.

Until Kit sits back on his heels again and watches him, smiling, licking his lips. “That's all your bruises kissed better, then,” he says.

John breathes hard. He reaches out a hand. Kit takes it, laces their fingers together.

All mine.

“Mine,” he says.

“Oh, I suppose so,” John says, and smiles.


About the Author

Anna was a communications specialist for many years, working in various UK government departments on everything from marketing employment schemes to organizing conferences for 10,000 civil servants to running an internal TV service. These days, though, she is writing full time. She recently moved out of the ethnic and cultural melting pot of East London to the rather slower environs of a quiet village tucked deep in the Nottinghamshire countryside, where she lives with her husband and the Deputy Editor, aka Molly the cockerpoo.
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