On The Brink

(Cloverleah Pack Series 10)

by Lisa Oliver

Raff never wanted a lot out of life; his pack, his family and to be accepted for who he was. Yes, Red Wolves were smaller, skinnier and weaker than other shifters, but they were also extremely rare. Which is why, when he was banished from his home pack and family, he made a point of staying away from other wolves. But living rough, without any money, is really hard and when Raff risks a trip into San Antonio to find some cash work, he quickly wished he hadn’t. Although, thanks to his dog Killer, he did meet up with the Alpha Mate of the local pack. Maybe, just maybe his life would take a turn for the better.
Nereus was almost as old as the sea itself, but he made a point of visiting friends whenever he could. A chance visit to the wolf pack at San Antonio put him in the path of his mate, and Nereus grabbed the little man as quickly as he could. But Raff was new to the pack and when Scott and Madison get kidnapped and the men from Cloverleah zap into town, Nereus can’t help but wonder if Cloverleah might offer his new mate a safer place to live.
Back in Cloverleah, Teilo is pleased his brother is mated, but it’s not as though he has a chance to go and look for a mate himself. He’s settled in his home and loves to run in his wolf form. Although, when he gets bitten by a teacup poodle with the ridiculous name of Killer, he wonders what other surprises are going to jump out of the bushes at him. He didn’t expect to find two mates.
A crazy serial killer with no scent; danger for Raff at every turn and a landlocked beach? The men at Cloverleah are in for some pleasant and not so pleasant surprises. Throw in four dogs and the gorgeous bear cub and all of the men in Cloverleah are going to have to be on their toes.
(Warning: M/M/M menage: violence, graphic intimate situations between men and an attempted rape of one of the MCs. Also features a teacup poodle who thinks he’s an alpha, a serial killer who believes in mpreg and a merman with a beautiful tail).
A note to readers: This book is based partially on a time line from Angel in Black Leather Pants. It is not necessary to have read that first, but if you have, don’t be surprised at the overlap. Also, because of the timeline of the book, it is written in two parts. Part one is in San Antonio where Raff and Nereus meet. Part Two is in Cloverleah where Raff and Nereus meet up with Teilo.
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Teilo was standing on the porch, watching the sun slowly climb the sky. He stared at the trees, knowing Raff and Nereus were about five miles away; his wolf was panting to be with them. Never in his whole life had he imagined he’d have one mate, let alone two. And damn, they are some fine hunks of manhood, he thought. It’d taken every single ounce of self-control and then some to leave them both the previous day.

“You’d better sort your shit out, merman, ‘cause my wolf ain’t going to wait much longer,” he muttered as he took a sip of his coffee. He wrinkled his nose. Cold. Damn it. He headed inside the house as Marius came running out of it.

“There you are,” Marius said, tugging his arm. “Come on, you can’t miss this.”

“What the hell’s going on?” Teilo could see all the enforcers with Adair, and his mate were already in the living room, chatting excitedly among themselves. A couple of them were holding towels.


“That new pack member, the fish-man, merman, whatever,” Marius said excitedly. “He’s been burning up the phone lines since sparrow’s fart, getting permission to put in a pool.”

“At the pack house, or over at Griff’s place?” Maybe he could take a peek and see Nereus’s tail. He might have to stay in wolf form so he didn’t inadvertently claim the sexy hunk and his gorgeously pretty sidekick, but he was sorely tempted.

“It’s too big for the pack house grounds, man,” Marius spread his arms wide. “That guy thinks big. Apparently, it’s going to be a part of the sea, right here in Cloverleah. I can’t wait to go swimming.” He snatched a towel from the back of a chair. “Nereus in nothing but a tail. Damn, he might be mated to that little guy, but there’s nothing to stop me from drooling.”

Teilo slapped Marius around the head before he’d even thought about it. “What the fuck, man?” Marius rubbed his head and glared.

Teilo sighed. Every man and his dog were watching, but yeah. He didn’t have the right to hit his younger brother, and it wasn’t in Teilo’s nature to hide anything from his brothers. “He’s my mate, okay? Don’t make a fuss, but he and Raff are my mates, too. I talked to them about it yesterday and we’ve got a few things to sort out before any claiming’s done so let’s not make a big deal out of this.”

“Nereus is one of the good guys,” Vassago said, as Adair strode forward and Teilo found his neck strangled by basketball-sized biceps.

“So pleased for you, little brother,” Adair said in his hair, a catch in his voice. “So fucking pleased for you.”

“Yeah, yeah,” Teilo heard his own voice slipping. “It hasn’t happened yet, okay. But you’ll know about it when it’s done.”

“Honestly,” Vassago stepped forward as Adair stepped back, clouting him on the back. Teilo was surprised by the hug he got from the much smaller djinn. “Nereus is a good guy. He might have issues, but try living forever and staying baggage free. Don’t give up on him or the little one.”

“Raff’s about the same size as you,” Teilo teased, not used to being the focus of so much attention.

“Pff, I can be bigger with a simple thought,” and suddenly the tiny djinn was the same size as his mate.

“Cut it out,” Marius said. “You know it freaks Adair out when you do crazy shit like that. I thought we were going swimming. I won’t drool over your mate,” he added to Teilo, “not in your presence, anyway.”

“You do know it’s cold as hell out there, don’t you?” Teilo said as they all moved together in a huddle so Vassago could transport them all. “Your bits will shrink.”

“Hey, even with shrinkage, I’ve got something worth looking at,” Marius smirked. Teilo went to hit him again as Vassago whisked them all to the pool.

Adult Excerpt

Teilo had one aim, one goal and that’s all he needed. Get his cock in Nereus’s ass, his teeth in the sexy fucker’s neck and then do the same thing to Raff. And okay, that might have been two goals, but Teilo was beyond reasonable thought. Everything about Nereus was right for him, the heat, the scent, the feel of his hard muscles straining under his. Even the body and facial hair, not something Teilo contended with very often provided an extra tweak on his senses. He tried to lift Nereus’s legs up, but the man snarled at him and rolled over onto his hands and knees instead.

“Ready,” Nereus snapped, but Teilo was stumped momentarily by the tramp stamp glaring at him from atop a perfectly formed behind.

“You might want to think about another visit to the tattooist,” he said, checking with fingers to make sure his mate was as ready as he claimed. Fuck, these guys with magic cut out all the good bits, but yep, his fingers slid in with next to no resistance and Teilo was keen to see if his cock would go in as easily.

“The tattoos were a gift from Daaaad,” Nereus’s voice rose on a wail as Teilo slid home. Oh my god, it’s been too long since I’ve done this, was Teilo’s last conscious thought before his wolf took over. Nereus was strong, his spirit wild and untamed, and for some reason that excited Teilo’s wolf to the point of madness. No matter how hard he pounded, Nereus took it. A tinge of blood hit the air and Teilo thought he heard a whimper but it wasn’t coming from Nereus. The big man took everything he had to give and begged for more.

“Touch me,” Nereus yelled and Teilo would’ve been happy to oblige but he was using Nereus’s hips for leverage and it was a two-handed job. Not to mention his claws were out. Nereus groaned, the sound long, loud and beautiful, and looking down, Teilo could see Raff’s behind sticking out from beneath Nereus’s bulk. Their little sweetheart was giving his mate a blowjob. Teilo wished he could see it, but his wolf was getting impatient. Teilo’s balls tightened, his spine arched, and he howled before his teeth dropped and he sank them into Nereus’s neck. Waves and waves of pleasure rocked through his body; searing heat hit his lower back and his groan joined Nereus’s as his balls emptied and he slowly swallowed a mouthful of Nereus’s blood. Nereus muttered some words, but with the blood pounding in his ears, Teilo didn’t catch them.

“Holy fucking God,” he panted once his teeth were free, and he’d carefully licked Nereus’s neck to seal the wound. It was already healing, the shades of the silver scar showing through. “Is it always like this?”

“Pretty much,” Raff said as he came out from under Nereus, who collapsed with a groan face first on the mattress. Raff’s face was flushed and his lips were puffy and wet. Teilo’s cock pulsed in anticipation. “Did you feel any heat on your back when you came?”

“Yeah. Why? Does that mean something?” Teilo carefully pulled out and collapsed beside Nereus.

Reviews:Angel Rivers on amazon.com wrote:

This is a definite 5 HUGE stars for me! I absolutely loved Nereus, Raff, and Teilo! A fantastic addition to the Cloverleah series. I found I really enjoyed the duel parts first in Damien's pack, then in Cloverleah. It was a great change of pace in this series and brought something new and exciting, while setting up for the new spin off series, which I am really excited about!
I especially loved the epilogue...never laughed so hard in my life! I definitely recommend this book and will be talking about it for quite some time...now I'm off for some Doctor Pepper and Donuts!!

Gina on amazon.com wrote:

I read the note that part of this story line is from "Angel in Black Leather Pants" but since I am a fan of the series, I bought "On The Brink" anyway because I wanted to see Raff get his happy mating. Raff meets his first mate, Nereus, in San Antonio and his second mate, Telio, in Cloverleah. I did not enjoy this story as much as the previous stories. I was disappointed in how much of the story line is from "Angel in Black Leather Pants" and how many issues are still unresolved. Several strange new characters (ranging from the father-in-law, Poseidon, to Death) are introduced. Apparently, some things are unresolved to set up for the spin off series, "The Gods Made Me Do It".

I am still a fan of the series and plan to buy the next book.

Patricia Nelson on amazon.com wrote:

This fantastic story by Lisa Oliver has everything you could want in a book. Love, steamy sex, drama, evil psycho killers, crazy fathers-in-law, loyalty, sacrifice, tragedy, laughter, tears, and more paranormal types than you can shake a stick at. I was literally in tears in some places, and laughing my ass off in others.... especially at the end! One_click this gem......PRONTO!!

About the Author

Lisa Oliver's first fiction book was The Reluctant Wolf, book one in the Cloverleah series. Since then she's written more than fifty other titles spanning a number of different series including Bound and Bonded, Stockton Wolves, Balance, The God's Made Me Do it, City Dragons, The Necromancer's Smile, and the Alpha and Omega series. A huge fan of the true mate trope, Lisa's books are all paranormal, all M/M (although a few M/M/M have crept in too) and all have an HEA.

When not writing, Lisa can be found with her nose in a book or out walking her Rotty pups. Her adult children and grandchildren have found the best way to get her off the computer is to offer her chocolate.


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