On A Wing And A Prayer

by Cree Storm

On a Wing and a Prayer - Cree Storm - NaKaKa
Part of the Nakaka series:
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This book talks about rape in some detail, but not descriptive. Nonconsensual sex is spoken of as is some bondage situations.

Nakaka or gargoyles to many were created by two gods to protect humans. When the humans betray them the Nakaka flee and anger the gods. As punishment, the Nakaka have never found another mate and therefore they can no longer reproduce any of their kind.

It has taken over two hundred years, but finally there is one of the gods creation that proves their worthiness to have all Nakaka forgiven, but there is a catch.

Petree offers his life for those being held prisoner with him willing to endure anything in order to keep them safe as well as a secret he holds. When death is emanate, he is surprised to come face to face with his creators. Now he has a choice to make, go to the ever after or return to the living with torturous memories he must relive every day and without his beautiful butterfly wings that define all Nakaka. If life is chosen his people can find their one true love once more, creating offspring and begin building his people back to what they use to be.
Hron is the new chosen leader for a once tortured clutch, surprised to find not just his mate lying on a dirty floor dying, but Petree also holds information that can save them all from a ruthless plan no one saw coming.

Can Hron save his mate and figure out what danger his people are in before it’s too late?

Publisher: Independently Published
Cover Artists:
Pairings: M-M
Heat Level: 3
Romantic Content: 3
Ending: Click here to reveal
Character Identities: Gay
Protagonist 1 Age: 66+
Protagonist 2 Age: 66+
Tropes: Big Character / Little Character, Everyone is Queer, Fated Mates / Soul Mates
Word Count: 52787
Setting: Island
Languages Available: English
Series Type: Continuous / Same Characters

“Petree, damn it! Answer me sweetness!” A deep panic ridden voice shouted.

Looking around, Hron saw a ring of keys hanging on the wall. Sern noticed them at the same time and grabbed them. Knowing he had to pull his head out of his ass and start being the Caliph he was brought in to be, Hron ignored the smells around him and called out, “Hello. Who is down here?”

Immediately the room became silent.

“My name is Hron. I am the new Caliph of this clutch and I am here to help.”

“Then help Petree. He…please…he needs help.”

Hron recognized it as the man calling out the loudest when Hron had arrived.

Sern quickly opened the door to the man who spoke. Hron stepped forward. The man before him stood a little over six feet. His hair was short, black with orange tips and his eyes were an unusual yellow. He looked Hron in the eyes and Hron could feel the strength even if the man smelled of filth. “I am Caliph Hron.”


“I am Abe Videl. Nestle guard for Caliph Tamale.”

Hron nodded and stepped aside, “Are you well enough to help us help those in this room?”

Nodding, Abe stepped towards him, saying, “I have only been down here about ten days. Unlike the others.”

“Go help Petree, Abe. We can wait.”

Sern didn’t wait as he rushed to the door that the yelling had come from. Abe however turned the opposite way and started banging on the locked door, shouting, “Petree! Petree come on sweetness, talk to me.”

When no one called out, Abe turned to Hron, “You have to open this door. Petree needs help.”

Hearing the fear in the man’s voice, Hron shouted, “Sern, open this door now.”

Sern rushed to the door Hron indicated and quickly unlocked and pushed it open, Abe gasping, “By the gods!”

Hron pushed past the ancient’s guard and rushed into the room alongside Abe. Hron couldn’t believe what he was seeing. A Nakaka sat with his back to the far wall and a decanter laying by his side. His head was down and his breathing was so shallow and slow Hron almost thought him dead.

Abe seemed frozen in his spot so Hron rushed to the small creature and lifted his head, softly calling out to the Nakaka. “Petree, you are safe.”

Ignoring the nauseating smells around him as best he could, Hron tried to asses the Nakaka’s injuries, but there were so many slices and oozing slits Hron had no idea where to touch the man to help him. As gently as he could, Hron laid the Nakaka on his back, whispering, “Come on little one. You need to open your eyes so that you know you’re safe.”

Petree groaned and struggled. “That’s it little one. Open your eyes for me.”

Turning and seeing Abe along with four other men he did not know standing in the room a few with tears in their eyes, Hron looked back down at Petree, “You must open your eyes, little one. You have many standing here fearful that you never will. Open your eyes and put your friends at ease.”

Abe rasped, “Please open your eyes, Petree. Chad came through. Open your eyes and see we are free.”

Petree once again struggled and finally did as Hron and Abe requested.

Hron gasped as he looked into the most beautiful lightest purple eyes he had ever seen. Hron felt a spark light within his heart and spread throughout his body like a sparkler from the Forth of July. It flowed until it centered on his cock and there was no way in hell Hron could stop himself from ejaculating in his Gladiator skirt. He felt his eyes flicker to an infrared then back to normal like a flash from a camera and he knew at that moment, the man lying on the ground before him, dying, was his Viata.

Reviews:SiKReviews's review on SiKReviews's review wrote:

These are the Gargoyles found in previous books. However, they are just as sexy and extremely alluring.

I loved Hron's dedication to his Gods and his people. The underground world his new clutch lives in was described in a way that had me envisioning it like I was watching it in a movie.

Petree had me in tears a lot. He has heart, loyalty and courage I could only dream of.

This story had me from page one! Can't wait for more!

Tina on Tina (Redzworld) wrote:

Petree is a protector, but when his efforts appear to be for naught he struggles. Hron is surprised by his fathers’ request to take over a clutch. He never expected his own clutch or a mate. But with his new home, he finds both. Unfortunately, his mate is currently fragile and believes he is weak and unworthy. Can Hron show Petree just how strong he is?

On a Wing and a Prayer is first in Cree Storm’s new series, Nakaka. I really enjoyed meeting Hron and Petree. Petree has suffered. He continues to suffer even though he has been freed from captivity. Even as his body heals his mind keeps him mired within the humiliation he suffered. Will Petree be able to step into the future? Ms. Storm did not make it easy for Petree. Even as he walks free his mind refuses to let go of past hurts. Ms. Storm did not lessen the battle the Petree must fight. And even though he is not alone and has support he must make the choice to grab hold of a future in the light. I loved that Hron tried to give Petree everything he could. He saw Petree as his gift and he was determined to fight for their future. I appreciated that Ms. Storm helped Hron realize that while he could support this was a battle Petree must choose to fight. But while Petree was struggling, Ms. Storm gave him a mate that was patient. He was willing to wait and be who and what Petree needed to move beyond the pain of his captivity. I love that Hron saw Petree’s strength. He refused to see Petree as a victim. He struggled to understand how to help Petree but he still made the effort. I love that Hron was willing to do whatever was necessary to support Petree as he regained his sense of self. I loved seeing Hron and Petree’s journey. This story touched on a sensitive subject in a respectful way. It was well written and believable. I am looking forward to seeing where Ms. Storm will take us next in this new world she is creating.

About the Author

I was born in Fort Knox, Kentucky. I’m a military brat that travelled a bit overseas and throughout many parts of the United States. I finally settled in Las Cruces, New Mexico, where I eventually got married and then divorced. I was blessed with two fantastic sons. As they grew up and became young men chasing their dreams. I felt that maybe now was the time for me to do the same. That’s when I started writing. Never in a million years did I expect to meet the most wonderful man in the world, move to Quebec, Canada, and get married. However, that is exactly what happened. JP has introduced me to things like; canoeing, snowmobiling, four wheeling, and has taken me to some of the most beautiful locations. Ones that I had only ever seen on a computer or read about in books. I may miss my mountains and my boys, but have discovered that when you work towards your dreams, the future can be one filled with happiness and love. My boys are only a plane ride away, and Skype is a glorious thing. So I say, on to my next adventure…don’t be shocked to find it in one of my books.

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