Oh, Earthman!

and other weird erotic tales

by Berlynn Wohl

Oh, Earthman - Berlynn Wohl
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A shy scientist from another world can't complete his mission until he falls in love with a human...

Two soldiers, enemies on the galactic battlefield, find comfort in each other's arms while caged in an alien zoo...

An exiled deity has a bodily communion with his last worshipper...

It all happens in Berlynn Wohl's first anthology of scintillating weirdness, Oh, Earthman!

Discover a galaxy full of possibilities with fifteen gay M/M short stories that will expand the boundaries of your known universe. These stories range from hilarious to poignant, but always with a touch of the bizarre. Voyage to astonishing new worlds brimming with exotic experiences and passionate romance, and explore the extraordinary expanse of your own imagination.

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I love science fiction, and when the book included the words "The time gun is not a toy," I knew there was something great going on. Each story in Oh, Earthman! has that underlying sense of funny even in the middle of a hot sex scene. This book scratched the mental itch I didn't know I had: what if Star Trek and Black Mirror had a really sexy spin off? And to top it all off, the length and variety of each short story made me feel like I was reading the best parts of a whole bunch of sci-fi all at the same time.

About the Author

Whether it was obsessing over The Real Ghostbusters as a child, or devouring the work of Harlan Ellison as an adolescent, Berlynn Wohl has always been fascinated with worlds of limitless possibility. In "Oh, Earthman!" she explores what happens when love and lust are not bound by time or space.

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