Never a Hero

by Marie Sexton

Book Cover: Never a Hero
Part of the Tucker Springs series:
  • Never a Hero
Editions:Kindle: $ 4.99 USD
Paperback: $ 15.99 USD
ISBN: 978-1-937551-95-7
Pages: 174
Audiobook: $ 14.95 USD

Everyone deserves a hero.

Owen Meade is desperately in need of a hero. Raised by a mother who made him ashamed of his stutter, his sexual orientation, and his congenitally amputated arm, Owen lives like a hermit in his Tucker Springs apartment. But then hunky veterinarian Nick Reynolds moves in downstairs.

Nick is sexy and confident, and makes Owen comfortable with himself in a way nobody ever has. He also introduces Owen to his firecracker of a little sister, who was born with a similar congenital amputation but never let it stand in her way. When she signs the two of them up for piano lessons — and insists that they play together in a recital — Owen can’t find a way to say no. Especially since it gives him a good excuse to spend more time with Nick.

Owen knows he’s falling hard for his neighbor, but every time he gets close, Nick inexplicably pulls away. Battling his mother’s scorn and Nick’s secrets, Owen soon realizes that instead of waiting for a hero, it’s time to be one — for himself and for Nick.

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Publisher: Riptide Publishing
Cover Artists:
Pairings: M-M
Heat Level: 3
Romantic Content: 4
Character Identities: Gay
Series Type: Same Universe / Various Characters
Reviews:Helyce on Smexy Books wrote:

The author deals with very sensitive subject matter in this book-for both Owen and Nick. I thought it was done very well. I loved that initially Nick was Owen’s champion-helping him to break out of his shell and live.

Jen on Red Hot Books wrote:

The writing is great, as you can pretty much count on with Marie Sexton. I fell in love right along with Owen and Nick. And while this is book 5 in the Tucker Springs series, it works 100% as a standalone. I would definitely recommend this one to m/m romance readers!

About the Author

Marie Sexton’s first novel, Promises, was published in January 2010. Since then, she’s published nearly thirty novels, novellas, and short stories, all featuring men who fall in love with other men. Her works include contemporary romance, science fiction, fantasy, historicals, and a few odd genre mash-ups. Marie is the recipient of multiple Rainbow Awards, as well as the CRW Award of Excellence in 2012. Her books have been translated into six languages.

Marie lives in Colorado. She’s a fan of just about anything that involves muscular young men piling on top of each other. In particular, she loves the Denver Broncos and enjoys going to the games with her husband. Her imaginary friends often tag along. Marie has one daughter, two cats, and one dog, all of whom seem bent on destroying what remains of her sanity. She loves them anyway.

Marie also writes dark dystopian fantasy under the name A.M. Sexton.

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