Love Shines Through

A Fractured World Anthology

by Siri Paulson

Love Shines Through Anthology
Part of the Fractured World series:
Editions:Paperback: $ 7.99
ISBN: 978-1090133908
Size: 6.00 x 9.00 in
Pages: 175
Kindle: $ 2.99
Pages: 155

The world was whole before the war.

But war is a terrible thing, and terrible things are done in the name of defense and protection. And this war tore the world apart, fractured it, separated families and lives and dreams. The reasons why no longer matter, but the effects still linger. They cause pain, though the war is over.

But despite the monsters and the poisons and the despair, there is a glimmer of light. And hope and love are not gone from the world.

These four stories, set in the Fractured World, explore how light can make it through the darkness. How hope can conquer fear. And most of all, how love can still flourish, even when the world is bleak.

A young woman braves monsters to see the sky.

A reluctant man chooses forgiveness over suffering.

Lovers reunite to save a child and their community.

Best friends risk everything for each other.

Come see the light for yourselves.

The Shadow of the World by Siri Paulson

Two generations after the City was cut off from the rest of the world during the war, memories of the outside are fading, and the citizens are struggling to find a way forward. Teacher Bran clings to the old ways for solace. But when his ex-lover Thesis comes back into his life, both of them are challenged to push past their own barriers for the sake of Thesis' young daughter.

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About the Author

Siri Paulson loves nothing more than mixing up genres to see what will happen. She also wears the hats of non-fiction editor by day and chief editor of micro-publisher Turtleduck Press by night. Her other passion is contra (folk) dancing. Thankfully, her long-suffering spouse is good at keeping himself occupied. After growing up in Alberta, Canada, she moved to Toronto and achieved her lifelong dream of buying an old house, dubbed the TARDIS because it's bigger on the inside. Other lifelong dreams include publishing novels (one and counting), travelling the world (so far, so good), and becoming an astronaut (still waiting on that one).

Siri's latest release is A New Year on Vega III. Her first novel, City of Hope and Ruin, co-written with Kit Campbell, is available through Turtleduck Press. She has also published short fiction and edited several anthologies, which can be found on her Turtleduck Press bio.

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