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by Jaylen Florian

Longing - Jaylen Florian
Part of the Unexpected Attraction series:
Editions:Kindle: $ 2.99
Pages: 200

It was only supposed to be physical…

Two tough and formidable men attempt a casual understanding and freewheeling approach to male bonding and friendship. They begin to hook up, now and then, no strings attached.

But when sparks extend beyond the bedroom, these lonely men are challenged to the breaking point by their magnetic attraction to one another. Both have rigorous job demands and they struggle with their secrets and futures.

Pierre’s electrifying career seems to be soaring, but he’s confined by a professional bad boy persona at odds with his true nature. He’s rich and becoming famous, but he has untapped creative interests not satisfied by his life on the road and scripted fights in televised arenas.

Matthew, stung from past betrayal, had lost any interest in pursuing other men. He has bigger priorities than intimacy, anyway. He’s being considered for a promotion to detective sergeant on the police force, and besides dedicating himself to the safety of his community, he’s absolutely devoted to his father and his dog, who completely depend on him.

“Longing” is a friends to lovers male romance novel. It features dynamic and impressive men convinced they can never love each other with all-embracing hearts. Read now to join them on their quests toward meaningful joy and fulfillment.

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About the Author

Jaylen Florian writes gay fiction encompassing multiple genres, from romance to mystery.  Recent book series have focused on fake relationships, finding love where least expected, and gay relationships with straight-curious neighbors and other men.