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Lexington Black

by Lady Jaguar

Lexington Back - Lady Jagar
Editions:Kindle: $ 2.99
Pages: 321
Paperback: $ 9.99
ISBN: 979-8640630954
Size: 6.00 x 9.00 in
Pages: 319
ePub: $ 2.99
ISBN: 9781393579335

“When Rob lost control the first time, spread out on my bed and writhing in the throes of ecstasy, I knew I would do anything to see him again.”

Rob Martyn

A sexually confused Englishman with his marriage and career in the toilet, Rob is a disappointment to his snobbish family. One seductive test-drive later, and Rob is propelled into a world of glamour, drag queens and hot sex with wealthy New York businessman, Lexington Black.

Lexington Black

I guess I should file seducing Rob under another of ‘Lexington’s Bad Ideas.’ Cynics say love doesn’t hit like a lightning bolt, but they’re wrong. The only problem is, I’ve lied through my teeth to get Rob into bed. I’m not talking about a white lie, but one the size of the Empire State Building.  When he finds out, we’ll both be in heartbreak city. Alone.

Drag queens, a Bridezilla and an English wedding gone wrong provide a backdrop to this sexy romance.

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Publisher: Independently Published
Cover Artists:
Pairings: M-M
Heat Level: 5
Romantic Content: 5
Ending: Click here to reveal
Character Identities: Gay, Straight
Protagonist 1 Age: 36-45
Protagonist 2 Age: 36-45
Protagonist 3 Age: 36-45
Tropes: Alpha Character, Bad Breakup, Class Differences, Coming Out Later in Life, Families/Raising Kids, Fairy Tales Revisited, Find Love and Come Out, First Time, Hurt / Comfort, Most Mindblowing Sex Ever, Moral Failure, One Night Stand, Second Chances, True Love
Word Count: 90,000
Setting: England, New York
Languages Available: English
Reviews:Milica on Goodreads Inc wrote:

Hands down,this is probably one of the best contemporary M/M romances that I've read in long time...

Why? No tropes here - no crazy ex-boyfriends,no traumatized characters,no unnecessary angst...It's original,if a little unbelievable,but I wouldn't be reading it if I wanted some dull everyday story. Characters are extremely well developed (secondary as well as MCs) and what I liked the most was their distinctiveness...considering this is dual POV,that's very important,and believe me,author did it superbly. And last but not least it's highly erotic read, say "it was hot" would be an understatement.

Really,I could write some long review and lose you halfway,but I can't recommend this book highly enough...And if you still hesitate,it's full of drag queens in all its,what can I say except - ENJOY!

Catrin Russell (Fantasy author) on Goodreads Inc wrote:

Rob Martyn lives an unassuming life; no kids, working a dead-end job, and caught in a relationship with a woman he barely spends time with, let alone touches. Needless to say, this takes a drastic turn as this story begins, where Rob is locked out of his own home, with a few bags of possessions, and his father's old grandfather clock. His wife is divorcing him, and he's forced to reassess his life and what he wants to do.

And in comes Lexington Black... *swoon*

Right, so this sounds like an insta-gay moment, but it isn't. Rob has always felt a bit awkward with women, or sexual experiences in general, long thinking he's basically been asexual. Well, until he meets Lex, that is. The sexual tiger is unleashed, and there is no going back!

Now, this story has nothing of the usual, but ALL of the unusual! Main characters who aren't quite what you think they are - yes, Lex is a rich alpha billionaire, but he's got a softness and weaknesses, so he's certainly not perfect. Then Rob, not at all as awkward as you would have thought (considering his new sexual identity), but embraces his new life with confidence (albeit perhaps feigned at times).

We also have a range of fantastic side-characters: Rob's supportive and funny sister, the hilarious but warm drag queen Caressa/Peter, and a host of smaller characters, all of whom play an important role in the story as a whole (Lex's father, Rob's other siblings, Philip, etc.)

There are parts of this story that are on the verge of being too good to be true, but to be perfectly honest, I don't care! And I'm proud to say it! It is a story that weaves together without fault, and it needs to be followed through to the end, for the revelations are excellently presented. I won't go into detail due to the risk of spoiling, but it was a great end to a fabulous M/M steamy romance. I highly recommend this book!

Queercentric Books on Goodreads Inc wrote:

Lexington Black was a surprising treat! I started the book intrigued and came out thoroughly fulfilled. This is a story of self discovery, empowerment, love, and forgiveness.

(Rob) Martyn is recently divorced, straight, and living an unexciting life as a bookkeeper for a luxury car dealer. He’s never done anything for himself and he has spent his entire life trying to please his family, most of whom consider him a waste of space.

Robin has put his aspirations of being an author on hold based on the criticisms of his ex-wife. On top of that, Rob’s father committed suicide when he was 15 and ever since he has found it hard to trust anyone other than his twin sister, Geri.

Lexington (Lex) Black is an openly gay and wealthy New Yorker. His father is sick so Lex has taken over his company. Despite his success, his father still can’t get past the fact that Lex, his only son, is gay.

Due to his lavish lifestyle, Lex is accustomed to having the best and getting what he wants. After a chance meeting at Rob’s dealership, Lex sets his sights on Rob. Finally seducing Rob into a night of intense passion, he quickly lures him back to NYC with the pretense of helping him kick off his writing career.


Rob is introduced to Lex’s gay Manhattan lifestyle and his colorful friends, including drag queen Caressa/Peter who is Lex’s oldest friend. Rob embarks on a journey of self discovery while simultaneously falling in love with Lexington. Afraid of losing the only man he’s ever loved, Lex keeps secret his past which includes a torrid one night of passion with Rob’s father. When secrets are revealed, will their love be strong enough to keep them together?

Rob is adorable! He is a Hugh Grant-ish Englishman who finds himself in awkward social interactions. From having his balls shaved by drag queens to having his first threesome, he bumbles his way through and is able to just go along with it.

Tony on Queeromance Ink wrote:

On the surface this is a simple story. Lexington Black, a rich white guy used to getting what he wants, sees a handsome man at work and decides he wants some of that.

Simple? Sorry Lex, your life is about to become anything but simple. A story about spoiled rich guys getting what they want or what they deserve? Maybe but this is so much more. This tale is funny, sad, sexy, sensual, erotic, raunchy, arch, bitchy, exciting, dark, heart breaking and delivers on so many levels.

Lexington Black is a predator: “I’m the enemy, Rob. I’m into mergers and acquisitions. I buy companies, asset-strip them, make a lot of money and move on, like an Armani-clad locust. Does that bother you?” He is not joking, but it’s only half the story. He’s a lost boy looking for something but what it is he does not know until he gets to meet Rob Martyn.

Rob is another lost one. He is not financially poor, but he is relationship poor. He’s freshly divorced from his bitch of a wife when Lex comes into his life and turns it upside down. He discovers he’s gay after beginning to think he was probably asexual. Now he is wondering if he could actually be falling in love with a man, and a powerful man at that. Rob is no pushover, though, and that definitely makes him hot in Lex’s eyes. The problem is that Lex is harbouring a dark secret that could hurt them both if it is revealed.

Lex and Rob are complex men with a lot of vulnerabilities neither would be happy to have revealed. The role unlimited wealth has when making real friends is addressed well here too. Lex’s best friends are those who are equally wealthy or totally unimpressed by money and possessions. Money is not the defining theme of the book.

Lexington Black is about trust, love, acceptance and honesty. It’s also about following one’s heart and treating others respectfully and kindly. This is a wonderfully told story full of great characters that leap off the pages.

Lexington Black was first published in 2015 under the name S A Smythe, but has been expanded and improved by Jayne Lockwood's new alias, Lady Jaguar!

About the Author

Lady Jaguar is the pen name for Jayne Lockwood, who has been writing for over twenty years. Originally a traditionally published author (Savannah Smythe) with Black Lace (Virgin Books) she has worked as a ghostwriter before turning her attention to independent publishing. So far she has written around fifteen novels.

Born and based in the UK, she has also lived in New Jersey, where a lot of her books are based. Now she writes in a rural location, not too far from London, when not being bullied by her husky and house panther. As well as being an author, she is also a wife, mother and strictly amateur aerialist. 

Years ago, in her village she was known as ‘the lady with the Jaguar.” The name stuck, and Lady Jaguar, author of spicy MM+ romance, was born. To find out more, follow @ladyjaguarwrites on IG, or join Lady J's Pawsome Readers group on Facebook. It's a friendly, non-demanding environment and I'd love to see you there.