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Legend of the Silver Hunter: Omnibus Edition

by Kethric Wilcox

Legend of he Silver Hunter Omnibus Edition - Kethric Wilcox
Part of the Legend of the Silver Hunter series:
Editions:Kindle: $ 8.00
ISBN: 978-09962565-7-9
Size: 9.00 x 6.00 in
Pages: 652

Once upon a time, there was Beauty and there was the Beast. The spinners of tales ask you to believe these two fell in love and lived happily ever after.

The Spinners Lied!

The Beast was a shifter. Beauty became a huntress and founded a long line of huntresses aided by the power of Silver magic.

TRACKER: Meet Kieran Belle, descendant of the House of Beauty and a tracker who longs to escape a life of killing shifters. Kieran flees to Little Rock, Arkansas where he meets the boy of his dreams, Corwin Cooper, descendant of a shifter clan.

WITCH: Kieran Belle brings his boyfriend Cory Cooper, home to Maine to meet his father’s family, the secretive Oisín Clan. Descended from the most powerful of the ancient Silver mages, the head of the Oisín Clan is known as the Silver Witch. Can the relationship of these star-crossed lovers survive the forces which seek to tear them apart.

HUNTER: Nobody ever tells you becoming a legend is hard.
The lovers’ Happily Ever After is threatened by more than the dark forces which seek their deaths. Opposition comes in the form of Kieran’s maternal grandmother and reigning matriarch of the House of Beauty, Camille Belle.

Find out if the descendants of rival houses overcome the forces opposing them or if the modern day Beauty and the Beast is doomed to repeat the sad ending of the past.

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This is an omnibus edition collecting all three books of the Legend of the Silver Hunter into one edition.

About the Author

Kethric Wilcox began writing and publishing as a personal challenge to be creative in a new medium. He was attracted to the LGBT Romance genre after reading several paranormal romances where it seemed like the shape-shifters never faced dangers outside the relationship issues thrown at them by their authors. Thus was born the shifter hunting House of Beauty on the premise of a twisted fairy tale. What if Beauty and the Beast didn't end with happily ever after? Wilcox's Legend of the Silver Hunter trilogy looks at this question and then asks what happens if a member of this family falls in love with a descendant of the Beast, can they find happily ever after or are they doomed to repeat the tale. Born and raised in Massachusetts, Wilcox now lives and works in Little Rock, Arkansas in a house that he and his partner renovated. By day Wilcox is a graphic artist and exhibit designer, and at night an author of paranormal romances.

Wilcox currently has two new trilogies in progress: Origin of the Vampires (The Curse, Lord Hunter, and Lord Slayer) set in a dystopian future of the Silver Hunter world; and Legacy of the Silver Hunter (The Goldilocks Pledge, Ruby Wine, and Black Snow) which continues the story told in the Legend trilogy from the view points of other couples in Kieran and Cory’s lives.