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Just Right

by Charlie Clare

Lucy found success as a writer, but now she's fighting to write any words at all. She's rented an old farmhouse to retreat and retrench. To keep her from trying to survive on a diet of Twinkies, her friend hires her a cook...and Lucy meets Rain.

Rain is a bear shifter with a laid-back attitude towards life. She loves life, and food, and cooking. She also enjoyed casual sex with men...until finding herself unexpectedly pregnant. After giving birth to her child, nothing is casual anymore.

She needs work, and cooking for a writer in a cabin surrounded by woods seems like the best chance to take care of herself and her cub. She never expected to get a mate out of the deal. But attraction blooms fast between Lucy and Rain.

Can it work out between two women who previously thought they were straight? Or between a shifter and non-shifter, when Lucy learns the truth?

Sweet (shifter) romance
lesbian / bi – wlw romance
~34,000 words