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Intimate Night

by Drake LaMarque

The stakes have never been higher.

Why did Brand think having a vampire boyfriend would be easy? As if keeping up with his college studies and best friend wasn't challenging enough, his dominating boyfriend Gage seems determined to push him to his limits (in the best possible way). But it's not all burning hot nights and surprisingly tender aftercare...

When Gage leaves town on business, the punky vampire's past comes back to haunt them with a vengeance.

Now Brand's life is on the line - and if Gage wants to save him, he must confront the monster within


an MM vampire/human romance featuring lots of spice - part two in a series, best read with Dark Attraction first.

#punkygothvampire #instalovekinda #consensualkink #spankinghappens #spicygames #justalotofrope #pwpkinda #liketheresomeplotbuteh #somewhump #Kidnappingbybadguys

Brand goes through the wringer in this book, but there's a lot of comfort after

About the Author

Writer of steamy paranormal MM queer fiction ( genderqueer NB, they/them)

I like pirates, sea monsters, magic and kink.