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I Think We Missed Our Turn


Despite their mutual attraction, Marques Williams and Armin Jahani agreed a long time ago that they were better off as friends. They don’t want to risk their friendship, and they definitely don’t want things getting awkward at the art gallery where they both work. But even as they’ve moved on with their lives, they’ve both quietly regretted that decision.

When Armin’s father scores the gallery a collection of sculptures from a renowned and reclusive artist, he sends Armin and Marques on the road to pick them up.

As the two friends embark on a multi-state trip, they each assume the other is still with his longtime partner. Armin doesn’t know that Marques’s now-ex-boyfriend is moving out. Marques doesn’t know that the last fraying threads of Armin’s relationship have snapped. Secretly, they pine for each other from across the console of their rental car, each wishing they hadn’t missed the chance to be together years ago.

But maybe they haven’t missed that chance after all.

I Think We Missed Our Turn is a short and fun ~36,000-word novella with a happy ending and no cheating.

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