Hyden’s Law – Free Read

by Hurri Cosmo

Hyden's Law - Hurri Cosmo
Pages: 114

Graham's had it with Alphas. His experiences with them have been disastrous at best. Even with ones that didn't tumble him into the nearest bed. So when the chance to move in with another Omega comes up, Graham grabs it. But Graham's never seen an Omega so big. Plus, he seems to be able to push buttons only an Alpha has. Except trust is something that comes easily to Graham. Hyden says nothing about being an Alpha – so he must not be. Right?

Hyden has just met his fated mate, Graham - in the middle of a territorial war. Not the best timing. But now that Graham's here, Hyden can hardly let the little pup escape, which is what he will do if he finds out Hyden is an Alpha. With the Mating Moon scant days away how will Hyden convince the smaller Graham that not all Alphas are selfish bastards? And he's going to have to because blood fever will not be ignored and Hyden can already feel it taking over his senses. Once it does, there will be no turning back. Hyden might have to resort to handcuffing the pup in order to make sure he doesn't bolt off into the night. Hmmm. Not a bad thought. He might have to do that anyway…

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Graham watched as color rose on Hyden’s face. “Yeah. That’s it. The Mating Moon.” He choked and backed up, away from Graham. He turned and headed into the living room. “So what do you want that you had to scare the hell out of me for?”

Graham groaned. “It’s a stupid class I took because I thought it would be fun and easy. But I think the professor is trying to flunk me. I have to do something absolutely fantastic, or I won’t pass. I can’t afford to flunk any of my classes. I really, really can’t.”

“So what do you need for me to do?”

“Um… strip?” Graham felt his face become hot. If Hyden had been an Alpha, there would have been no way he would even have approached this subject. But because Hyden wasn’t an Alpha, this just might have a chance of working. The man had an incredible body, and that’s what Graham needed. If he could capture that body with his pencil, there would be no way the professor could flunk him.


Excuse me? Just what kind of class is this?”

“Art.” Graham realized he was rubbing his hands together to the point it almost hurt. He quickly forced them to his side.


“Yeah… um… it’s a drawing class. I-I sort of told you about it…” Oh geez. What the hell was he doing? He couldn’t handle this after all. Graham also knew it was only a ploy. Sure, he didn’t want to flunk the class and it truly did seem the professor was determined to make that happen. Shocking the man with the sight of an incredible naked Hyden was – well, Graham would definitely pass. Problem solved. Except Graham had wanted to see Hyden’s naked body since he first saw the big man standing in the doorway two weeks ago. Why Graham was lusting after another Omega was something he would never understand.

“Go on.”

Crap. Now that he had started, he had to forge ahead. “Dra-drawing the human body.” He couldn’t maintain eye contact and looked down to the floor, the beating of his heart actually made it difficult to breathe. That was the other thing; for some reason steady eye contact just seemed impossible with this magnificent Omega. Something Graham only experienced with Alphas.

“Uh-huh. And?”

“You… well… you have a… a nice body and… and I understand you would probably rather die than get undressed in front of another Omega but…”


Graham shot his head up to meet the big man’s eyes. “What?”

“I said fine. Under one condition. I want something in return.”

Graham narrowed his eyes. Something in return? Why did this sound familiar? “Like what?”

“Like you help me with my class, too.”

Your class?”

“I decided on a class today.”

Graham screamed and threw himself into Hyden’s arms. The big man was forced to back up one step but was able to keep them both on their feet. Graham pulled away to look up into those beautiful eyes.

“That is absolutely wonderful! Which class? Foundations of Business Law? Mediation Theory? Restorative Justice?”

Hyden chuckled. “No, no, little one. None of the ones on your list.”

Graham’s heart fell. Really? Hyden picked none of the classes Graham had painstakingly chosen for him, spending hours and hours online poring over the courses catalog, reading every description, working out all the times, until he wrote the perfect list?

“Which one, then?”

“Actually, I’m not going to say just yet. All I want you to do is commit to me that you will take the class.” Hyden pushed Graham back but held him firmly by Graham’s upper arms.

“If I do, then you’re going to… you know, help me do my drawing?”

“Yes. I will help you.”

Graham breathed a sigh of relief even as his heart rate increased with the knowledge he was going to see a very naked Hyden soon. “Then, yes. Deal.”

The sexy chuckle did, however, make Graham wonder just what it was he had agreed to.


Reviews:Will on Will's Words on Books wrote:

My first book from Hurri was ‘Then Sawyer Happened’, and I loved it. Recently I found this story on AllRomance and it was FREE! Yep, that’s right. Totally free, and totally awesome.

Graham tugs at your heartstrings. He’s been abused by Alphas his whole life, and he’s pretty much done with them. He wants out, and he things he’s finally found a way. An ad from an Omega promising a room catches his attention. With this room, he’ll be free of the Alphas, free from the pull of the Mating Moon–which is coming soon–and he can finally begin to put together the life he dreams of. He decides to go for it, and sneaks out of the place he’s living to hopefully get a start on his new life.

He loses the address of the house he’s supposed to find, and tries to pull the name of the street up in his mind. Sure he’s got the right one, he knocks on the door and is floored when the ‘Omega’ answers. He’s HUGE. And he sure as hell doesn’t look like any Omega Graham has ever seen.

This is where we start the story, and where we meet Hyden, Graham’s forever mate, and he intends to protect him and to claim him, even though he’s in the middle of planning a war.

Hurri does an excellent job with both Graham and Hyden. I loved watching the two of them come together, especially when Graham finds out the truth as to who Hyden is. But Hyden’s got one more ace up his sleeve. He’s NOT just an Alpha, and when it’s revealed what he is, Graham better learn to obey, or he might just find out what the bench over in the corner is for.

If you like shifters and light BDSM, you’ll enjoy this free book. Check it out today!

About the Author

I live in Minnesota where I hold tight to the idea that here, where it’s cold a good part of the year, I won’t age as fast. Yep, I avoid the truth as much as I avoid mirrors. But one of the reasons I love writing is reality doesn’t always offer up a “happily ever after” and being able to take control of that is a powerful lure. Being a happy ending junkie, writing just makes them easier to find. Oh, I doesn’t mind “real life” and I do try to at least keep it in mind when I write my stories, but I truly love creating a wonderful couple, knowing they will fall in love and have their HEA. Every - single - time. And, of course, that is exactly the reason I love reading this genre, too. Give me a glass of red wine, some dark chocolate, and my computer, whether I am reading or writing, and I will entertain myself for hours. The fact I actually get paid to do it, is Snickers bars on the frosting on the cake.

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