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A Reverse Harem Paranormal Romance

by Sierra Lane

Hunted - Sierra Lane - Reverse Harem
Part of the Retold series:
  • Hunted

What's a nice witch like me doing in a place like this?

All I wanted was a latte and something fun to do while my boss-slash-best friend was on her honeymoon. I wasn't expecting my friend Mattie, the bounty hunter, to show up and tell me that someone in the Fae courts wants me kidnapped or dead. And I definitely wasn't expecting her to send me off with three hot guys I've never met while she does her best to fake my death.

Now I'm sequestered with the Seven, the powerful mages who control the magical world's equivalent of the Swiss banking system. And I'm falling for not one, not two, but three of them. Jamie, with his sense of responsibility. Gabe, who always makes me laugh. And Max, whose quiet smiles hide the biggest heart I've ever known.

But of course nothing in my life can be simple. My powers, which I used to think were so minor, are out of control. My parents were not who I thought they were. Plus the Fae are still after me, and I don’t know why. If my guys and I are going to have a chance at happiness together, we'll have to get to the bottom of this, before I end up dead or enslaved...

Or worse.


This steamy full-length Reverse Harem Romance based on the story of  Snow White features a snarky heroine grappling with unexpected powers, three men who are just as into her as they are into each other, and enough love to overcome any terrors from their pasts. This book includes cursing, violence, a lot of steamy sex, including some m/m action, and a world chock-full of magic.



I can’t help sighing a little as I scroll through Anne’s Instagram photos. The beautiful beaches where she went with Donal and Lucy for their honeymoon are a far cry from where I sit, waiting on my latte. Not that I don’t like Common Grounds; the coffee is good and the music selection is usually decent. But it’s not Tahiti.

I feel another sigh bubbling up when a blonde woman sits down in the chair across from me. I blink at her for a few seconds before I realize who just showed up. “Mattie? Weren’t you a redhead last time I saw you?”

“We don’t have time for banter,” Mattie says. She’s smiling at me like we were planning all along to meet for coffee, but her voice is tense and her eyes never stop moving. “You need to come with me right now.”


“I—” Nothing about her suggests that this is a joke, so I cut that question off and mentally kiss my latte goodbye. “Okay.”

Grabbing my bag, I follow her down the back hallway, past the restrooms and into a door I’ve never tried. Behind it there’s a small, windowless room, walls lined with shelves full of boxes and bags. Mattie flicks the light switch on and closes the door behind us, muttering a quick locking spell under her breath.

“Okay, I think I’ve been pretty patient with the Terminator routine, but seriously, Mattie, what the actual—”

I stop in mid-sentence, my actual mouth falling open when three men literally walk through the back wall like it’s nothing but air. Three very attractive men, I notice vaguely. I’d probably be paying more attention to their looks, quite frankly, if they weren’t carrying what looks suspiciously like a dead body, all wrapped up and oblong.

“What the actual fuck is going on?”

Oh, look at that, I found my voice after all. But seriously. With Anne on her honeymoon, the only reason I was planning to leave my apartment this week was for lattes and groceries. Getting pulled into cramped back rooms and meeting hot guys carrying dead bodies was decidedly not on the menu.

“There’s a contract on you,” Mattie says, gesturing to the guys, who lay the body-thing down on the floor. “Capture preferred, but kill if necessary. You’re lucky I took it before someone else could.”

“So, what, you’re gonna kidnap me? Or kill me?”

One of the guys winces a little, which is when I realize my volume and the pitch of my voice have both risen sharply. But I think I’m allowed, honestly. Someone wants me captured? Or dead? What the fuck?

“No, of course not,” Mattie says matter-of-factly, kneeling down to unwrap whatever the fuck is on the floor. “We’re going to use this simulacrum and I’m going to deliver it to the client. Hopefully they’ll buy that this is your body, but if not, at least I’ll figure out who’s behind this.”

“You don’t know who hired you?” One of the guys speaks for the first time, the one with the dark skin and smile lines around his eyes.

Mattie shrugs. “Someone high up in the Fae courts, that’s all I have right now. Here, Wynn, give me some of your hair.”

It takes me a second to realize why she’s asking, but once I do I yank out a few strands of hair, hard enough to make my eyes water, and hand them over. Mattie presses them to the simulacrum’s forehead, murmuring under her breath. Symbols appear, glowing over the simulacrum’s skin. I blink and then it looks like me, lying there on the floor, my messy hair spilling out of the wrappings, my favorite lipstick red against the pale skin.

It’s fucking creepy.

“This won’t throw them off the trail for long,” Mattie warns, straightening up. “Especially not if you’re where they expect to find you. You need to lay low until I can figure out why they’re after you.”

“Oh, okay, I’ll just go to my other house.” I’m acting like a petulant brat, but this is a strange enough situation that I feel a little justified. “What are you gonna do, put me in witness protection? I don’t really have anywhere to go.”

Mattie tsks. “That’s where they come in.”

Oh yeah. The three super-hot guys who are still standing there, watching me have a complete breakdown. Great. Perfect. Way to make a good first impression, Wynn. “Are they going to put me in witness protection?”

“We can keep you safe,” the tallest one says, smiling, and fuck me, he’s even hotter when he’s smiling, gray eyes lighting up with it, dark hair pulled back in a messy bun.

“They owe me a favor,” Mattie says dismissively, wrapping the simulacrum back up.


About the Author

Sierra Lane has been making up stories ever since she was old enough to know what they were. As a child, she entertained her younger siblings and cousins by retelling books she'd read and inventing some of her own. Despite life throwing bumps in the way, she's always come back to writing, especially when that writing allows her to explore magical and fantastical worlds.

Sierra always assumed that she'd lead a conventional life with a husband and children. So imagine her surprise when she found herself happily partnered with not one, but two people. She and her partners live in the Ozarks with their ridiculously perfect number of children and a couple of bunnies for good measure.

If you want to keep up with Sierra’s upcoming releases and sales, you can sign up for her newsletter or follow her on Booksprout or BookBub. And if you’d like to receive free early draft chapters and advance copies of her books before anyone else, you can support her on Patreon. To join her ARC team, see early cover reveals, and more, you can join Sierra’s Sassy Sweethearts on Facebook.

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