by Charity Parkerson

Hunger - Charity Parkerson - Hellish
Part of the Hellish series:

Bleidd hates everything about Evan, except the thought of having him in his bed.

Four years ago, a prince of Hell wiped out Evan’s entire wolfpack, leaving him alone. At first, he tried fitting in with the Swedish pack, but its leader, Bleidd, banished him. Evan’s crime—Bleidd’s attraction to him. Now Evan is the wolf protector of a god’s mate. The title puts him leagues above Bleidd. Still, the pretentious Swedish alpha turns his nose up at Evan in every way, except when it comes to trying to lure Evan to his bed.

Brought to life by Odin, Bleidd is older than Evan can fathom, much too old to play games with such a young pup. But there’s something about Evan, something that keeps Bleidd coming back. When Bleidd turns up in New Orleans, he can’t tell Evan the reason he’s there, but he can use the trip to try to win the childish wolf he can’t shake. Unfortunately for Bleidd, he’s not the only creature set on having Evan. He’ll have to step up his game and—more importantly—stay alive if he hopes to call Evan his mate.

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