His Salvation

by Charity Parkerson

His Salvation - Charity Parkerson
Part of the Shining Armor series:


Jayden is the guy everyone wants. Until they have him, that is. Now he’s done with love.

For months, Jayden tried winning back his ex while being chased by Darrel. It seemed like the minute he gave in to Darrel and the man won his heart, Darrel was done. That seems to be Jayden’s lot in life. Men want him until they have him. He’s the thrill of the chase. Now he’s done with men. With his broken heart held tight to his chest, Jayden intends to head to California and start over. Fate has other plans. One last day on the job is all that stands between Jayden and a new life. That, and the man holding him hostage at the bank.

Darrel has loved no one other than Jayden. It’s not Jayden’s fault Darrel is a screw-up. That’s all on Darrel. He’s never been good at holding a relationship together. That doesn’t mean he intends to let Jayden get away. There’s only one problem; he has to keep the man alive if he hopes to win him back. There’s no lengths Darrel won’t go to for Jayden. Even if it means Darrel has to walk away from Jayden, saving the man from him.

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