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Heirlooms, Junk, and Christmas Luck

Christmas Luck 2

by KC Burn

Cody Chase needs a plan, and quick. When his boyfriend was alive, the antiques brought in a comfortable income for the two of them. But Cody’s an ex-stripper with a basic business degree, not an antiques dealer. He’s no more than a couple of months from going under, but after losing his home and his boyfriend, he can’t face losing the business as well.

Some might call Adrian Phoenix’s state of mind a mid-life crisis, but he sees it more as a mid-life awakening. After years in a soul-sucking office job, he ditches it all for the call of the muse. A little Christmas magic provices a chance meeting with Cody, who agrees to a date from a random stranger. Adrian might be facing his forties, but he’s got a new career and a new social life to look forward to.

But Adrian hasn’t told his family about his new life plans, and Cody has had his fill of disapproving relatives. Even though their meeting seems like fate, and gives Cody a way to save his floundering business, Cody is afraid that Adrian will realize he can do better. If Cody gambles on a life with Adrian, he risks both his heart and his livelihood. Winning those stakes might require more luck than Cody’s had in his entire life.

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About the Author

KC Burn is a Canadian transplanted to Florida who writes happy-ever-afters about men loving men, whether they're psychics, space travelers, aliens, professors, construction workers, cops, amateur sleuths... you name it, she'll probably write it. She's got a pair of naughty black cats, aka muses/nuisances, and a supportive, understanding hubby.