Head Game

by Harper Jewel

Head Game - Harper Jewel
Editions:Kindle - 2nd Edition: $ 0.99 USD
ISBN: B072Q912MC
Pages: 42

Hey! Name’s Adam Darling and hustling’s my game. When I was eighteen, my parents kicked me to the curb after catching me enjoying a good romp in the sack with my boyfriend. So I took the bus to Queens, NY and used my boyish looks to turn tricks to make my rent and fund my weakness for club clothing.

On the night of my twentieth birthday, everything came crashing down and, like a wuss, I collapsed and had myself a good cry. Deep in my “woe is me” fest, I knew I had to make some decisions I’d much rather not have to face.

Confused, I’m not sure what to do. Should I leave the head game my life has become? Will my changing looks allow me to continue status quo? One very sexy cowboy has an offer that sounds like the answer I’ve been looking for, but can I find it within myself to take the leap of faith and accept it or should I walk away?


Working the kinks out of my legs, I picked up the money, moved to the small table next to the bed, and turned on the lamp that sat there. The twenty-five watt bulb really didn’t light the place well, which was probably for the best. The yellowed walls and cracked linoleum flooring with the tattered area rug were not something one should see clearly. Neither were the cobwebs in the corners of the ceilings. I really had no desire to try to brush them away. They’d only be back within days.

At least you have a roof over your head, a bed to sleep in, some type of nourishment to feed your belly and lest you forget, your wardrobe, Adam.


There went my inner voice of reason. Sometimes I truly hated it. It never allowed me to feel sorry for my gay ass. After firing up my Coleman propane stove that sat on the stovetop/oven that had crapped out months ago, I opened a can of chicken noodle soup and placed it on the single burner. I ate the soup while I sat on the full-size bed, letting the broth settle my rumbling stomach.

As the red glow through the window continued to pulse, I finished my dinner in silence. I really didn’t have much to complain about.

I needed to find shelter once I was on the streets of downtown Queens, New York and was shocked to find out just how many men liked giving it to young twinks. Even though I was now nineteen, I didn’t look it, and for that, I was grateful. It brought me more of the green stuff and allowed me to pay the meager rent for this dingy one-room place while I fed my fetish for club clothing and the occasional frilly extra.

Finished with the Campbell’s, I washed out the empty can in the small sink in the bathroom, then tossed it into the recycle bin near the door. Hey! Even though I lived in squalor, I could still do my part for the environment.

Reviews:Pam Kay on Pam Kay MM Bloggers wrote:

This is a Hot, short story that brings together a young gay man who was kicked out on the streets by his family because he was gay. Turning tricks was the only way he survived. Adam Darling was almost 20 years old and knew he wouldn't pull off the twink persona long. He meets He meets a handsome cowboy who was different named Colt Reynolds. He was the owner of a Texas Ranch and that night they met was very explosive. This is Sexy, Hot, Sizzling and Colt wanted him in every way. The story line was direct and to the point and the characters were well developed. You will fall in love with them. If you love MM Sex, Romance, and Love, you will love this one. Don't Miss it.

Tonya's Torrid Reads on Tonya's Torrid Reads wrote:

Turning tricks to make ends meet has become a way of life for Adam. Longing to find someone to really love him and not be used as a sex toy seems like a dream until a chance meeting changes Adam's life. Clint is a smoking hot cowboy who is in town for a few days and looking for a little "action". One smoking hot night of sex turns into an instant connection - but can Adam leave the lifestyle he has come to know? Could he ever be good enough for Clint? Don't miss out on this one!!!! It's super smoking HOT (I even blushed lol) amazing sex scenes and dash of sweetness. I can't wait to read more from Ms. Jewel!!

Dawn on Gay Media Reviews wrote:

Oh my, a MC that you really feel for. Kicked out by his parents after he was caught with his then boyfriend in a rather compromising position (butt sex has that effect), he heads to New York. Using his boyish looks, he then turns tricks to make his money for rent and his big weakness - club clothes. His place may be the worst possible, but his club clothes are ace!

On one of his evenings out visiting the gay club Whiplash, he meets Colt, and a has a weekend he will never forget. However, his biggest issue seems to be he cannot forget Colt and how he made him feel. They had met often for the time that Colt was in New York, and when he returns to his ranch in Houston, the two keep in touch with texts and calls.

Adam misses Colt a lot, and as his birthday draws closer, he then begins to question his life, and what he going to do when he loses his boyish looks. Being slapped around the face by a client was the last thing that Adam needed, and was the one thing that completely broke him. He just withdrew into himself, ignoring everything including the fact he was meant to meet Colt on his birthday.

Colt could not forget Adam, and when he didn't meet him when he was supposed to, Colt went to his apartment. Once he finally gets Adam to open the door to him, he then talks to him and Adam has to make a decision that would change his life forever...... what should he do??

This was a short story, but I really did enjoy reading it, you really felt for both of the MC's in the book. I look forward to reading more from Harper Jewel in the future.

Complimentary copy provided by author for an honest review.
Reviewed by Dawn at Gay Media Reviews

About the Author

Harper Jewel, a loyal LGBTQ+ ally and proud Mama Bear to her college-age daughter, lives in northeast New Jersey with her loving husband. She has four cats, enjoys reading, and playing time-management games on her tablet, and watching Hulu or Netflix.

With her outgoing personality and vivid imagination, she can create believable and memorable plots and characters.

Although she began writing male/female Romance/erotica, she has found her niche in Gay Romance. She enjoys every one of her male characters when they speak to her with loud voices while proving love is love. She is proud to have the honor of being the first M/M author accepted at the now-closed Lush Publishing.

Visit www.harperjewel.com to find out more.