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Foothills Pride Box Set

by Pat Henshaw

The tiny Sierra Nevada community of Stone Acres looks benign on the outside, but it’s been a hive of activity since gay men from Silicon Valley began moving in. The Old Town establishment is up in arms as newcomers challenge the conservative community to move into the new millennium. Along the way, gay couples find true love and a new home.

Contains the stories:

What’s in a Name?: When barista Jimmy is dumped and gets drunk on his 30th birthday, a handsome, hunky bartender takes care of him, but is mum about his real name. When Jimmy presses him, the bartender makes the quest a game, giving him seven guesses and promising romance each night. For every wrong guess, Jimmy has to forfeit a hot, sexy kiss. Sounds good, but what’s the catch?

Redesigning Max: Out and proud award-winning designer Fredi Zimmer takes on straight outdoorsman Max Greene’s cabin renovation. When he finds out Max is closeted and wants to come out, Fredi helps Max remodel not only his cabin but his life. Angered that Fredi has turned him, Max’s former friends intervene. Will Fredi and Max win the fight for their happiness?

Behr Facts: After CEO Abe Behr discovers discrepancies in his construction company accounts, he hires CPA Jeff Mason to help him find the embezzler. Searching for the culprit, they become closer, and Abe realizes he’s gay. However, coming out to a hostile family and community may break up the couple before they cement their happiness. With so much strife, will love prevail?

When Adam Fell: Jason’s drug addiction ripped them apart. Does Adam want to get back together now that his former lover says he’s clean?

Relative Best: When hotel owner Zeke Bandy meets Vic Longbow, he sees stars. But Vic is in town to attend a wedding and to open an office, not to fall in love. Are they doomed as lovers because they’re both too busy for happily ever after?

Frank at Heart: What will it take to make hardware store owner Frank update himself and his store? Could the new man in town be the key to unlock Frank’s life and future happiness?

Waking the Behr: Ladies’ man and small town contractor Ben Behr is blindsided by his lustful feelings for San Francisco entrepreneur Mitch O’Shea. Can a country mouse and a city mouse bridge the gap in their upbringing and expectations to find love?

Short Order: Amid the happiness of the Christmas season, horticulturist Fen Miller and his landlord sous chef John Barton have some serious decisions to make. Fen must decide on a career and John on eluding his grim past. Together can they support each other enough to discover their happily ever after?

Publisher: JMS Books, LLC
Cover Artists:
author - american, format - box set, format - kindle, what - concept - sweet, what - element - coffee, what - emotion - love, what - emotion - pride, what - topic - foster care, what - topic - friendship, what - topic - multicultural, what - topic - recovery, when - season - fall, when - season - spring, when - season - summer, when - season - winter, where - city - san francisco, where - country - usa, where - general - bar setting, where - general - cabin, where - general - restaurant, where - general - small town, where - region - san francisco bay area, where - region - sierra nevada, where - state - california, who - description - bald men, who - description - bear, who - description - bearded man, who - description - blue collar, who - description - college grad (recent), who - description - divorced, who - description - ensemble cast, who - description - foodie, who - description - friends, who - description - gay teen boys, who - description - lumbersexual, who - description - mature man, who - description - parent, who - description - physical disability, who - description - recovering addict, who - description - teenager, who - description - twink, who - description - white collar, who - occupation - accountant, who - occupation - architect, who - occupation - barista, who - occupation - bartender, who - occupation - botanist, who - occupation - businessman, who - occupation - celebrity, who - occupation - chef, who - occupation - computer programmer, who - occupation - construction worker, who - occupation - cops / law enforcement, who - occupation - designer, who - occupation - entrepreneur, who - occupation - handyman, who - occupation - interior designer, who - occupation - parent, who - occupation - restaurant owner, who - occupation - sheriff, who - occupation - small business owner, who - occupation - web designer

Pairings: M-M
Heat Level: 2
Romantic Content: 5
Ending: Click here to reveal
Character Identities: Gay
Tropes: Adopted Child, Age Difference, Coming Home, Coming Out Later in Life, Cultural Differences, Families/Raising Kids, Friends to Lovers, Opposites Attract, Second Chances, Slow Burning Love, True Love
Word Count: 230,861
Setting: Sierra Nevada Foothills, California, USA
Languages Available: English

About the Author

Pat Henshaw, born and raised in Nebraska, has lived on the U S’s three coasts, in Texas, Virginia, and now California. Before she retired, she held a number of jobs, including theatrical costumer, newspaper features reporter and movie reviewer, librarian, junior college English instructor, and publicist. She also loves to travel and has visited Canada, Mexico, Europe, Egypt, Thailand, and Central America as well as almost all fifty US states.

Now retired, she enjoys reading and writing as well as visiting her older daughter, son-in-law, and grandchildren on the East Coast and playing havoc with her younger daughter’s life in NorCal. Pat's pronouns are she / her.

She thanks you for reading her books and wants you to remember that
Every day is a good day for romance.