Fang-Filled Weekend

Other World Agency

by Izzy Szyn

Fang-Filled Weekend - Izzy Szyn
Part of the Other World Series series:
  • Fang-Filled Weekend

What's a girl to do when she owes her estranged parents a ton of money?

Riley, Ricki and Reese are triplet sisters that have been screwed over by their parents and the courts.

In order to make enough money to pay their debts, they apply to the Other World Agency.

Is Riley just selling herself for sex? Or might this be the best job interview ever?


“Have I interrupted something?” Geoffrey asked Melinda.

“Yes, we were giving Riley a test make-out session,” Melinda answered.

“May I watch?” Geoffrey asked.

Riley felt her body being pushed back against the couch. Melinda leaned over and kissed Riley, her tongue teasing and curling around Riley’s. Krista’s hand slid under her skirt and rubbed her panty covered pussy. Melinda’s lips trailed down Riley’s throat to where her pulse was beating.

Hands slid under her shirt and pulled it off. Melinda’s hand slid between her breasts and unhooked her bra from the front. Her bra slid away and two mouths sucked her breasts. Melinda’s tongue moving up and down one breast, while Krista did the same with the other.

Melinda’s lips covered hers again, swallowing the moans that Riley couldn’t contain. Krista’s mouth was now sucking her breast, before going down her abdomen.


Riley sank deeper into the soft cushion of the couch, her moans getting louder. “That’s it, Riley, give in to the feeling. Krista, take off her skirt,” Geoffrey ordered.

Krista immediately complied with the order, slipping not only her skirt, but her panties off. Riley was now completely naked while Melinda and Krista feasted on her body. Melinda’s lips once again covered her breast, her hand now joining Krista’s as they pressed their fingers against Riley’s clit and rubbed in alternate patterns. Krista in circles with Melinda stroking up and down.

Reviews:Bonnie Backen on wrote:

Format: Kindle Edition
I have been a fan of this authors booksnsince day 1 and loved all her books!!! From the minute I met Riley and her sisters I knew I'd soon be in love once more! From the begining with the discovery of how her parents decide to take action against the girls to meeting a sexy shifter and his mates this book with have you captivated and spellbound and as always wanting more!!!!

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