by Bey Deckard

Exposed - Bey Deckard
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With middle-age looming, Greg offsets his boring day job with what truly feeds his soul: photography. The camera is an extension of himself where he exposes his passion for the intersect of pleasure and pain. However, the lens also acts as a barrier, protecting his subjects from the shameful mistakes of his past, and Greg is left isolated and lonely.

Emyr stands on the cusp of fame, but adulation and abuse are both eroding his confidence, and one night, at the river’s edge, he seeks solace in the rain, hoping to hide his tears.
The photographer and the virgin rock star share an accidental connection on that dark, drizzly night. When Greg invites Emyr back to his hotel room, no strings attached, the young man should have bolted. Instead, an odd sense of trust allows him to follow Greg’s lead.

When the camera comes out, Emyr learns the stage isn’t the only place he loves to perform as Greg touches something inside him that rarely awakens. Faced with a beautiful, talented boy whose soul is as lonely as his own, will Greg be able to face his past and come to terms with it, or will he run from the connection he so desperately desires?

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“There. A fresh start.”

“A start of what though?”

“You wanted to help me the night we met. I was feeling desperate and low, and you cheered me up. And though it took me a bit to come around to it, you helped me discover something interesting about myself.” Emyr grinned before continuing in a serious voice. “Now, I’m not depressed, nor prone to it generally, and I haven’t any deep issues. I’m honest to a fault and not afraid to speak up when I don’t like something.”


“Let me finish. You made me feel bloody amazing. Looking over the photos made me want to do it all over again and I feel… good, right here”—he tapped his chest—“about you being the one to show me what else I might like.”

I frowned, shaking my head.

“I trust you,” he insisted.

I don’t trust me.”


It was only then that I realized our hands were still clasped when he gave me a small reassuring squeeze. I glanced over at the bartender, and he hastily looked away.

“You’re not being prudent with your image, Mister Rock Star,” I said in a low voice.

“Who cares? I don’t. Let them talk.”

“You’re young enough to be my son,” I pointed out.

“So, I’ll call you Daddy from now on.” He said with such a serene smile that it went straight to my dick. I am a dirty old man. I ground my teeth together but then I had to laugh.

“Yeah, right.” However, my grin faded slowly when I realized that he wasn’t entirely joking. I blinked. “Wow, what sorts of sites were you researching, young man?”

Emyr just kept smiling and sat back in his seat, sliding his hand out of mine. Right away, I missed his touch.

“So?” he asked. “Are you going to trust me?” He cocked an eyebrow at me.

I furrowed my brow and looked down into my whisky as if I would find guidance at the bottom of the glass, and to my complete surprise I did. Someone had scratched WHY NOT? into the wood surface of the table, and it sat exactly in the middle of the circle of amber.

“I’m willing to try.” It was the best I could do.


"I absolutely loved every moment of this story. It grabbed me from the get-go and I didn't want to put it down. Sweet and kinky (with an age gap to boot!) is a win-win for me and Bey Deckard balanced it perfectly here." --Sinfully Gay Romance Book Reviews

"By far the best daddy kink book I've read!"
"The chemistry between Greg and Emyr is instant and amazing. I was so into them as individuals and as a couple and all that comes with that. The sweet and sexy kink, the hurt/comfort, the Daddy/good boy and just everything. I truly have no idea what I am saying or how to properly review this because it was so much and I gorged hard core on this book."
"Overall, a great read that I'm happy to add to my favorites of 2017 list." --Boy Meets Boy Reviews

"Exposed is a wonderful May/December story with a side of Daddy kink that will make your heart melt." --The Blogger Girls

"I knew this would be an amazing book because I love all of this authors work, what I didn't expect was to fall in love with these characters so completely! Bey really knows how to draw you into a story like you are living it with the characters!" --Bike Book Reviews

"Exposed is actually quite a gentle love story with a lot of hidden extras thrown in - as you would expect from Bey [...] I would highly recommend Exposed." --Love Bytes Reviews

About the Author

Artist, Writer, Dog Lover -

Canadian indie author Bey Deckard wanted to be many things when he grew up: veterinarian, vampire, paleontologist, crane operator, sniper, ophthalmologist, brain surgeon, marine biologist, lawyer, forensic anthropologist, set designer, underwater archaeologist, mortician, rock star, philanthropist... but writer was not on the list. Artist wasn’t there either because he’d been drawing and paintings since he was a tot and figured that made him one already.

Freelance graphic design paid the bills while Bey levelled up with a BFA in Art History (minor in Anthro). However, he landed in the tech world where the degree was worth FA, and stayed there for over a decade before leaving, thoroughly sick of working for The Man. That’s when the writing started, and Bey still can’t believe it wasn’t on that list above because he absolutely loves doing it and can’t really imagine doing anything else.

Bey’s books aren’t quite romance and aren’t quite erotica, and they jump from genre to genre, but they’re all character driven and he likes to think they’re interesting.

These days, if Bey’s not writing or working on graphics, you’ll find him posting pics of his best buddy and constant canine companion Murphy, cooking up some tasty vegetarian eats, hanging out on facebook, or sitting back to watch a movie with a drink (or many).

As a reader, Bey’s usual staples are biographical works, medical research papers, all sorts of history books (nautical, medieval, and medical being his favourites), science fiction, fantasy, horror, KGB/CIA thrillers, and graphic novels.

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