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Dreams and Machines

more weird erotic tales

by Berlynn Wohl

Dreams and Machines - Berlynn Wohl
Editions:Kindle: $ 3.99
Pages: 185

Arriving on an alien world to negotiate a trade deal, Shane discovers that Earth has another commodity that his hosts desperately crave...

Drake throws a party for time-travelers: the invitations will only go out after the event. But then someone knocks on the door...

Jac has two lovers, one a cop, one a criminal. Getting off the wretched outpost he calls home in the midst of a galactic war means leaving one of them behind...

It all happens in Berlynn Wohl's second anthology of tantalizing sci-fi weirdness, Dreams and Machines. Experience thrilling tales of exotic aliens, fall in love with a mad scientist, and find yourself riveted by robotic passion. If you have a taste for the extraordinary and the extraterrestrial, you'll discover weird and wonderful fascination inside these pages.

About the Author

Whether it was obsessing over The Real Ghostbusters as a child, or devouring the work of Harlan Ellison as an adolescent, Berlynn Wohl has always been fascinated with worlds of limitless possibility. In "Oh, Earthman!" she explores what happens when love and lust are not bound by time or space.