by Annabella Stone

Drax - Annabella Stone - Tags of Honor
Part of the Tags of Honor series:

Drax Mitchell had been one of the rising stars in Delta Force, when a yearlong mission undercover behind enemy lines, cost him the friend he always swore to protect. Or so he thought. Recruited by his friend’s former Navy Seal commander, to Red Squadron, a JSOC Task Force. Drax and Roman are reunited to cause havoc all over the Middle East. After multiple deployments and dangerous missions, Drax is forced to take his accrued leave, he heads to the one place he has felt most at home. Zurich.

Noah Sinclair only wanted a quiet drink in his local bar. Overhearing a plot to kidnap the hot dude drinking in the corner, spurred him into action. That conversation in Pashto convinces him these people are looking for revenge. A closer look at their target and Noah knows he will leave no stone unturned to keep his man safe. Even if it means kidnapping him himself. After all life debts should always be paid in full… right?

Take a vacation they said… It will be fun… they said. Drax can tell you fun is NOT on the freaking agenda. Especially as he races through Europe with a damn terrorist on his heels. Can he survive the hunt, and save the most important prize of his life? Noah… the man who ties him up in knots and makes his heart beat just a little bit faster.

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Publisher: Independently Published
Pairings: M-M

About the Author

Annabella Stone

First and foremost I am a reader who had stories in my head that were driving me crazy. When I mention it to an author friend of mine, she told me to "write them down," and what do you know, Jonah's Compass was born, during NaNo 2017, and published in April 2018.

Along with my love of dogs and books, I'm a graphics nerd who also enjoys hiking and dog-shows.

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