by Tam Ames

Dracones - S.L. Armstrong
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ISBN: 9781627570053
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Almost every ancient civilization has stories of some form of dragon, from the winged serpents of Asian lore to the traditional Western image of the fire-breathing behemoth. Literature is filled with stories of valiant heroes riding into the jaws of danger to slay the beast and rescue the princess. But sometimes, the knight in shining armor is less interested in the maiden in distress than in the dragon he's supposed to slay. Dracones brings together seven stories detailing the power and majesty of a dragon's love.

Finding the Rain by Tam Ames

Finding the Rain is the task charged to Buwei, sent with offerings to the Dragon Lord Shenlong in hopes of ending his province's drought, a journey from which none have ever returned. But the dragon's temple keeper, Tian, wants Buwei for himself and is willing to defy even the great dragon to keep him.

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I'm a single mom to a great 23 year old daughter. I have no idea how that happened, I'm surely not old enough. I have a full-time job as well. I started reading m/m romance about 10 years ago, then went to reviewing and then writing.

Some dares and prompting of friends led me to the role of author and they've always been my biggest cheerleaders.

My day job currently limits the amount of publicity I can do surrounding my author life, but I'm around.

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