Déjà Vu: A Short Romance

by Lawrence I. Hill

Deja Vu - Lawrence I. Hall
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ISBN: 9781735105208

It's another Christmas alone in Atlanta, and Alvin is starting to reevaluate his life choices. Moving back to Atlanta, his current job, they were meant to be part of a temporary stopping point to deal with some family issues. But now, five years later, he's still here. In the midst of this inner turmoil, Alvin's world is shaken when an unexpected visitor comes to stay at the hotel in which he works. His childhood friend Tim, now known as world famous R&B singer Tee Mills, is visiting for the holiday. Is this a fated chance to rekindle the first love of his life? Or have their paths diverged so much that they can never reconnect? Alvin wants to know, but isn't sure he's brave enough to find out. Before the night ends, however, he'll have his answer - if Tee Mills has anything to say about it.

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About the Author

When Lawrence was a young boy, he watched the film '84 Charing Cross Road' over and over again and dreamed of living in a grubby little studio in NYC and writing books. He's finally got the grubby little studio in the city, and now on to the rest.

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